Everyone Wants The Perfect Penis  

SexySultry46DDs 52
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4/30/2006 2:28 pm
Everyone Wants The Perfect Penis

This is just ramblings so excuse my mess lol..It is also based on heterosexuals & Bi's only.

Men want the perfect penis not to small not too big just right. Hey they are the ones that have to worry about knocking it and the jewels around.

Women also want a penis that is not to small and not too big. I myself though feel the bigger the penis the better as long as the penis isnt attached to a two timming dick.

Men all the time think with their penis.
Women more then men pry think think about the penis often.

Some men have an ugly penis
Some men have nice smooth beautiful penises.

The penis is always seeking out a vagina
The vagina soft hot and moist.
Some penises prefer a hairless vagina some penises prefer a hairy vagina.
Hell the vagina just wants a penis to please it and for the penises owner to worship the vagina.

Which are you? A vagina who wants the penis to worship you?
Or are you the vagina whom worships the penis?

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