2006 Psychic Predictions  

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2006 Psychic Predictions

2006 Psychic Predictions

Always remember just like with a psychic reading things can change because of free will or pre-written destinies. Psychic predictions are meant for entertainment purposes only. People have been making predictions, psychic and otherwise even before the famed Nostradamus. Who centuries ago had even predicted Napoleon, The Kennedy Assassinations and even the ever tragic 9-11. The psychic predictions below may or may not come to pass. Should they though you heard it here 1St. Please enjoy our psychic predictions for 2006.

USA Hurricane Season Psychic Predictions for 2006

2006 hurricane season will be very busy with 18 named storms. The 1St of which will arrive 2 weeks before hurricane season officially starts. My psychic prediction is that the 1St storm to threaten the US coast will have its eye come in down around the Brownsville, Texas, Mexico Coast line area. This hurricane will be a category 2.

The Texas Coast will be hit by 3 tropical storms and one hurricane in 2006

The Florida coast will be hit 5 times by 3 major hurricanes categories 3 - 5 and 2 tropical storms.The Louisiana coast will be hit twice they both will be tropical storms.

The west coast will be hit in the Virginia area once with a category 3 hurricane.

New York will not be spared this year either. New York will have a category 3-4 hurricane that will do damage to the statue of Liberty.

West Coast Earth Quake Psychic Predictions for 2006

The Hollywood California, area will be devastated by a major earth quake in the 1St half of 2006 between March and May. This major earth quake will be started by 2 smaller earth quakes close to the Hollywood area. That will start within a 3 day period before the major one. What will make matters worse is that 3 weeks before these series of earth quakes start there will have been some major mud slides in the area causing damage as it was.

2006 Psychic Predictions For The Stars Celebrity Psychic Predictions for 2006

Britney Spears, will be saying oops I did it again, all over again when she concieves her next child between August & October of 2006.

After years of Madonna's shocking ways she will come out with a music video for the 5th year anniversary of 911 which will be somber, conservative & mild compared to all her past work.

It will be publically made known that even though rumors abound about, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, breaking up that not only their relationship is stronger then ever but that they will start their own production company together. To take a break from making movies while nourishing their new family.

The Ellen Degeneres Show will actually end up with a guest host in Late 2006 after

Ellen Degeneres has to take a break due to a family illness.

Psychic Prediction for Year 2015 World War 3 Will Break Out !

The beginning of World War lll is going to begin with a skirmish between Korea & The USA in the year 2012 around The 1St week in either Jan, June, or July. I'm only picking up a J month. Will this be the war to end our world as we know it? Lets just pray its not and Jesus and our heavenly father will see fit to spare us our timely demise. Further info will be posted later.

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Update: Last night on the 10 oclock news (4-26-06) It was announced that Britney Spears found out in Febuary she was pregnant so it will make it a late fall birth. Maybe the baby will be born early due to the dates that was picked up that I thought was conception. But still either way I was right about baby news for 2006 for Britney Spears.

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