The thrill of the chase, the build-up, the release, the let-down....  

SexySquirterGirl 52F
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4/17/2005 11:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The thrill of the chase, the build-up, the release, the let-down....

My thoughts are on overload this quiet Sunday night, after a few rush filled days. I get tons of emails, offers, guys claiming they would do anything to meet me. I am very picky. I don't have one pecticular thing I look for when deceiding whether or not to reply to incoming emails. Except they must have a pic. No pic, no response, period. I won't lie, it has to do with looks, someone who sparks my curosity. I do read profiles and alot of times it is a the profile along with pic that hooks me. I firmly believe in attraction and chemistry. I also clearly state in my profile pleae include face pic and that I am attracted to younger men. Nothing against older men, I just prefer younger than myself. Someone with alot of enegry, who loves to have fun, and is into trying new things. I firmly believe that attraction has to be there to have explosive sex. I also state in my profile that I am not a barbie doll, I have the extra weight going on. If you are into physical appearence and the perfect body then I am not for you. But if you want someone open minded, who is very sexual and even a bit kinky, someone not afraid to make the first move and doesnt need to be wine and dine and knows what to do in and out of the bedroom.. I am that person. I am extremely confidate in my sexual nature and know that I am a very good sex partner. I have wonderful oral skills.. I dont want a commiment, but I also dont want a one night stand. I am getting somewhat frustrated because it is very easy to find men on this site, lots of them, and it all starts out the same... exciting, arousing, mind numbing, the flirting, the long phone conversation, playing on cam and the build up that incurs prior to meeting. The meeting is finally scheduled, it is all I think about, anticaption running amuck, but also in the pit of my stomach, is the fear, the dread and that uneasy feeling, because after you meet the thrill of the chase is gone. I have found that men usually want that once or twice quick roll in the hay or they have several they are stringing along and are not available to play anywhere near as much as I want to play. I want it everyday... I want it several times a day. I want maranthon sex, I love spending 16 hours in a row in bed, touching, fucking, sucking, sleeping, cuddling, fucking, sucking, etc. Maranthon sex tends to tie me over longer than a quickie. So if I could at least find someone avaible for maranthon sex once or twice a week, I would be thrilled, if they cant give that much time and are more into quickies that is fine too, but I want those daily, I need those daily, I have thought about string a half dozen along so I could have a different one each night and that would help with my high sex drive.. but I cant bring myself to do that. I honestly don't care what he does or who he is with when we aren't together as long as I am still in the picture and we meet regularly. I want to keep the thrill of the chase going, trying new things, pushing our boundries, fulfilling fanstasy's. But it doesnt work that way... the encounters seem to happen very infrequently, the flirting disappears altogether, (probably because they have moved on to new fresh material), and lately it seems I am becoming more and more let down in the days following an awesome sexual hook up.. I tend to take the lack of contact after an initial hook-up as rejection. Then I feel like shit... and I am still incrediably horny... I have been seriously thinking of pulling my ad off, but then i would never have sex... I dont know how to work around these issues.. no matter how clearly I let it be known that I am looking for a regular partner on a very regular basis, someone who is willing to invest at a little of his time.. when I dont hear from them as much as I would like after the encounter I get depressed and wonder if I should just give up and get a lot of vibrators and take care of business myself. I just dont know anymore...

Hope you all have a great Monday!!! Hugs SG

hotwade 50M
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8/30/2005 6:53 am

Sexy Girl you are amazing and I love your fantasies. Would be amazing to have you in person. Wade

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