Remembering my first AFF experience!  

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3/5/2005 1:46 am

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Remembering my first AFF experience!

I have been on AdultFriendFinder close to 2 years and will admit this was the first "adult" sex site I had ever been on. I put my ad on, and I was overwhelmed with responses. When I first did the ad, I hadnt really planned on meeting anyone. Didn't really expect all that many responses. Oh I couldnt have been more wrong. Some of the responses were nice and polite and friendly and some were just darn right crude. I expected that, but almost always set those crude replies directly to the trash! His was no exception, It was one sentence something like "I want to lick those nipples and fuck that pussy!" and that was it, but he had attached a photo and I was blown away, suddendly the words he wrote didnt matter, I deceided to answer and see where it went. He wasn't from Phoenix, but Tucson (1 1/2 away) and we immediately started corresponding via email and messenger, then by telephone. All of this taking place in only a matter of days. I wanted to meet him, but was very nervous that I wouldnt meet his expectation. I told him over and over I wasnt a barbie doll and he probably wouldnt like me. He assured me he wasnt into barbie dolls, he liked curvy women.. It wasnt until he sent some pictures of the type of women he liked that I started to think, hey this could really happen.

Well it just so happened I was going to have the house to myself that weekend (I lived w/my brother, niece and my kids) and invited him to come visit. I was going out with my best friend to a dive bar and he could meet us there. I assured him he could spend the night at my house and drive back the next day. No expectations, the couch was all his. As it worked out, he actually made it to the bar before us, (I was a nervous wreck~took forever to get ready) and called and told me he was waiting in the parking lot. My friend and I jumped in my car and took off, I remember her driving because I was take swigs off of a goldschlogger bottle! We pull in the parking lot and it is packed, I have no idea what he is driving. I call him on his cell phone and he teases me a bit telling me he can see me and I have no idea which car he is in. Finally I find him and he gets out of his car and I am immediately at ease, cause he is wearing glasses and looks all young and innocent yet still super hot!! We pulls me to him and we immediately start making out. My stomach going nuts! Finally my friend comes back outside and asks if we are planning on going inside. Personally I wanted to go back to my place, but to apease her we went inside.. We stayed maybe a half an hour and were making out the entire time. I couldnt take it anymore, found my friend and told her we were going back to my place and she could use my car.

Well I am a bit of naughty girl and before we even got in his car I took off my panty hose right there in the parking lot. I was wearing a mini skirt, boots and a sexy top. The boots and hose went in the back and we are off. I couldnt keep my hands of him and before we got to my house he had my thong off as well. We pull in my drive and start making out again on the back of his car, my skirt up around my waist at this point.. After a few minutes, we head into the house. We didnt even make it to my room, but are in the kitchen and I pull his jeans down and tell him to fuck me hard and quick so we can get the first one out of the way. He has me face the window, bends me over and spreads my legs and in one thrust he is inside of me. I am cumming immediately, but this man has amazing staying power!!! We kept fucking and fucking until my friend showed up and we moved to the bedroom. He was amazing. We fucked and sucked and 69'd all night and half the next day. I came dozens and dozens of times, he finally came the first time early in the morning and a 2nd time around noon right before he left. He was an amazing fuck!!! We kissed goodbye, with him promising to email me or call me and let me know he got home okay. We continued to see each other every other weekend for the next 4 months or so, until his job took him out of the state. He would always call me when he reached his new location, as his job took him somewhere every 6 months or so.

And he is back in Arizona, and we talked the other day. But he is in a relationship and trying to "be good", but what I wouldnt do for another round of sex with him.. It was with out a doubt the best AdultFriendFinder experience of them all, and I have met quite a few, but he was first and will always be the best!

zenyen 67M

3/11/2005 11:36 am

Hey, Squirt, or should I just call you sexy. I enjoyed the story of your first AdultFriendFinder experience; it brought back memories. You said that when you first did your ad, you hadn't really planned on meeting anyone - that you didn't expect all that many responses. Hope you don't mind my asking: What did you plan on? Or why didn't you plan on meeting anyone? What did you expect? When did you change your mind? I've been on 2 years, too, but my experience is a little different. I haven't been overwhelmed by the responses; in fact the only responses I've received are from contacts I initiated. After several months of getting no responses to my contacts from women, I decided that the odds were more in my favor if I contacted couples looking for men. Now, when I started I didn't plan on meeting couples for threesomes, but I did and it's worked out well. Your first meeting sounds like it was really hot. And to think you almost missed out on it because his introduction was so suave.

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