Afternoon Delight!  

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3/24/2005 9:59 pm

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Afternoon Delight!

I love to write erotica and deceided to share one of my very first stories!! It's called Afternoon Delight!

It was a Friday afternoon, shortly before 5:00p.m., when Brad came into the office. So close to closing time I was the only one still at the office watching the clock so I could finally turn off the phones, lock the doors, and start my long awaited weekend. Brad locked the door behind him, the sexual tension thick in the air. My heart quickens a few beats, and I feel the heat rising from my chest.. The anticipation causing my stomach to do flip flops. He steps around my desk and in one quick movement, pulls my skirt up and thrusts his hand into my soaking wet panties. He quickly finds my clit and gently rolls it between his thumb and finger, pulling it as his other fingers travel down my moist slit and then back up. He pulls me back into him and whispers in my ear, isn’t this what you have been waiting for? As I moan out “yesssss”, I am startled back to reality by a ringing phone. Knowing I must answer it, I try my best to regain some composure, and quickly answer in my professional voice. Brad with a lopsided grin on his face takes this opportunity to quickly pull my panties off . I hear him unzip his pants and I try to turn around, with the phone still to my ear, but he pushes me down so I am bent over the desk. Trying to keep my composure with the customer on the phone is difficult, my juices are now running down my leg as I feel Brad gently pry my legs open. I feel the head of his hard cock at my opening and know what is about to come next. I shut my eyes, trying so desperately to listen to the customer on the phone, but wanting to reach around and stroke Brad’s large cock. Then it happens, with one large thrust he enters my wet tight pussy and I immediately start to cum, gasping in pleasure, while the woman on phone asks me if I am okay. I quickly try to recover, but with quicken breath I tell her I am fine, that someone just came around the corner and startled me. Brad hearing this picks up his pace, and is now giving me the pounding of a lifetime while caressing both of my breasts that he somehow freed from my shirt. Trying with all my might to get the customer off the phone, I find myself meeting his thrusts and on the verge of cumming again. The customer finally ends the phone conversation. As the call disconnects, Brad suddenly stops and pulls himself out of me. I whirl around and say “NO”, but Brad with that coy grin on his face again, shakes his head and tells me not to put my panties back on and to sit down and wait for the phone to ring. Extremely frustrated, I look at the clock and realize the phones will be off in 10 minutes. Brad then explains to me that if I want to keep the play going, I will need to keep the next person on the phone as long as possible. My juices are now going into overload, my mind is wishing the phone to ring... It seems like an hour before it finally rings again, but it’s actually only been minutes. On the first ring, Brad lifts me up and sets me on the end of the desk and spreads my legs wide open. I answer the phone as Brad gets down on his knees, and starts kissing my inner thigh.. To my great amazement it is the owner of the Company on the phone and he is asking for Brad. Hearing this Brad lifts his head, smiles, and tells me he is busy. In a voice that I am sure was quivering I tell the owner that Brad is on another line right now. Brad meanwhile has spread my lips and is licking up and down my wet slippery slit, pausing at my clit to gently take it in his mouth and suck on it, then releases it and thrust his tongue deep inside me. I feel myself giving in to his talented tongue.. Suddenly I hear the owner telling me to have Brad call him back, not wanting Brad to quit his tongue lashing, I realize I need to keep the Owner on the phone. My cheeks are flush with want, my voice sounds strangely calm, as I tell him I am sure Brad will only be a couple more minutes, could he please hold on. He tells me sure and then asks me if I am looking forward to the weekend. I try my best to make small talk with him. Brad, meanwhile has replaced his tongue with his hard cock and deeply thrusts it into my wet warm pussy. Not being able to take it any longer, I ask the Owner to please hold while I answer another line and I put the call on hold just as my intense orgasm is racking my body. I pull him in deeper with my legs. Meeting his thrusts as orgasms after orgasms take me over. I let out a blood curling moan while my juices are squirting out of my pussy all over his hard cock. I can feel the throbbing of Brad’s cock and know that he is about to cum. Suddenly he picks me up while still deep inside me and twirls us around and backs me up against the wall, and thrusts himself even deeper inside of me and then his head goes back and he lets out a low deep moan as I feel his cum shooting deep inside my pussy as I cum one last time, both of us out of breath, letting the wave ride though us. Once he has drained every last drop of his cum inside me, he looks into my eyes and gently kisses me and asks if I am ready to go home for some more. Gasping I remember the Owner is on the phone for him, Brad just chuckles and picks up the phone. I hear him thanking the Owner for the reminder call, and chuckles and tells the owner that he is sure he will have a very good weekend. He hangs up the phone, hands me back my panties, and says “let’s go home.”

u_scrt_sf_wit_me 48M
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3/24/2005 11:15 pm

Not bad ,I also have been writing erotica Well I have writen 2 but not alone . Your prolly thinking ? Well My self and two of my female friends are writing them together this is how we do it we start the story and send it to the other and then they ad to it and return it weve been doing this for ahile and not only is this a way of stying in touch it is also very erotic and exciting leave you hardly able to wait for it back just to see where the other has taken the story and what new twist the story gonna intangle and if you would like to you could send me an Email at my yahoo kinglofton with a brief note and I'll give you the honor starting the story and along the way we both can name it depending on it path .I promiss it will be very exciting and if nothing else a new friend and a new adventure in your email ty .....

vengeur 42M  
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3/29/2005 7:29 pm

Just a suggestion here, but I like it more when erotica stories use varying terms for genitalia, like "meat missile" and "honey pot", instead of just always "cock" and "pussy". The same goes for "cum". It's hotter sometimes when it's referred to as "dick milk", "seed", or "baby batter".

wifey3223 49F
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3/31/2005 10:17 am

hello,sexy squirter girl,im gonna have to write something like that,i really enjoyed it,im a squirter also,i was so deeply into youre story i was on the screen with every sentence i felt my pussy impulse,i love sexal stories its like living the moment with you,ive written some to and questions,my grammer isnt as good as youre ,or neat.but any way please read, id also like to be friends talk more ?to see if youre like me,sound like it in many ways,we squirters have good sex lives,ha

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