He Came To Me  

SexyRycheBabe 46F
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2/6/2006 6:36 pm

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2/21/2008 1:40 pm

He Came To Me

Last night he came to me.
He explored my body
He licked me.
He bite me.
He sucked me.
And left me.
I was so hurt.

That damn mosquito!

timberwolf6972 45M

2/6/2006 9:35 pm

There's a skeeter on my peter....roflmao

not2late2 44M

2/9/2006 4:29 am

very clever...

docdirk 49M

2/9/2006 5:55 pm

Great, now I'm jealous of a mosquito!!!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

tonytiger20065 62M
3 posts
2/11/2006 9:26 pm

Got me to longly linger to envy the oral encounter...teehee TT

rm_Exslave 53M

2/16/2006 8:41 am

Wow...sexy and funny...now thats rare.

rm_sarge200564 53M

2/16/2006 1:49 pm

Mosquitos just get what they want then leave.....lol

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