Well, Hello my 360 peeps whats going on with everyone, I know its been awhile since I have written m  

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3/31/2006 10:15 am

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Well, Hello my 360 peeps whats going on with everyone, I know its been awhile since I have written m

Well, Hello my friends on AdultFriendFinder whats going on with everyone, I know its been awhile since I have written my blog, but really did not have anything interesting to write about... at that point,.. But now I do..HaHa...

I was reading a article, something that I am always doing...and I came across the article about Cheaters, Who are the biggest Cheaters...Women or Men...

Well, I must say when I read the article I was shocked of what it said.. It said that 90% of the " Women "are more likely to cheat on their husband/boyfriend, then the "Man" is...to cheat on his wife/girlfriend...

"Thats Right Ladies, Women are the Biggest cheaters"!!!!!!!!!....

Why and How is this, I know you ladies are asking how. When it seems that men are the ones that are all the time getting caught cheating,, Well, after reading careful of the article, It did state... Men get caught, but see it never state women do.. So the point that they where making is that Women are the biggest cheaters because they are less likely too get caught then a Man..

Why is that, You Men may be asking... Well, the reason for that is that a women will not reveal it quicker to her friends or anyone, then a Man will, also men slip up...too quick on certain, things, when on the other hand a women planes it out very careful and detail.. See a women can get away with cheating they always back track their self...

When on the other hand, men don't...So if a women does get caught cheating most likely it would be her best friend or someone she knows that slips up and tells her husband/boyfriend who happens to be his best friend or someone he knows..Or he takes a lucky guess and she feels guilty at the time and wants to get it off her chest . But it will happen later down the road..

******The Question the Is Why Do they Cheat*****

Well, there are number of reason, One of the most common of all is because alot of women feel that they have becaame less attracted to her husband/boyfriend, Or she starts notice him either looking at other women more the normal do are asking questions or making statements like why don't you wear something like that for me..or making comments about the weight, the hair,,something.., or given certain suggestions, Are he just stop giving her compliments like he use to do anymore, or she suspects that he may be cheating...on her..So she will do the big old saying "If he can do I can too"(without getting the true facts first)And then it is the Sex.. most women are not getting it enough or he is not satisfying her anymore, or maybe he never was and she is getting tired of it and wants someone that will..

So, my friends on AdultFriendFinder I will ask you the Question, Who do you think are the Biggest Cheaters... Vote.. However, when you vote I would like a comment on why you think that Way...

Until then...Later...
Neither, it depends on each person
It really does not matter who is the Biggest cheat, because a cheat is a cheat

smooth_darkness2 36M
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3/23/2015 8:26 pm

Im a cheater.

But I love my lady and kids.

I just like pussy I was raised by some old school cats that just told me the wrong way and just go fuck everything walking.

Plus I was a player when I meet my lady and when we finally got together and had kids.

The sex went south after the kids, but old school at work said when those kids and take care of themselves her sex drie will kick back in

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