Wounders never cease.. Update...  

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7/6/2005 5:50 am

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Wounders never cease.. Update...

Well I sent the young lad as much information as I could as far as what website to look at and all. With any luck he will find it of use, if not then I may well just send him a few excepts from my on Book of Shadows (Think a journal that contains rituals, what herbs do what, what colors work to what end, etc. Sometimes people have mistakenly called the things Witch's Bibles) Ofcourse there is a bit of Discordian (think worshiper of Chaos) in me and when I wrote (write)in it there is no logical order to it's lay out at all.
Anyway I hope I helped out the young lad on his quest for knowledge on the Pagan & Heathen Religions. Ofcourse if all the guy wants is Spellcraft then well I don't give out spells to often to novices, I don't give them to elders for that matter. I would rather weave the spell myself, or at the very least be physically present when a spell or ritual I write is weaved.

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