Last nights Meet & Greet... a collection of Firsts.  

SexyArmand69 46M
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4/22/2006 1:05 pm
Last nights Meet & Greet... a collection of Firsts.

Anyway last night I went to my third AdultFriendFinder meet and greet. And this one by far I must say was the most entertaining one yet.
Ok let me start by saying this is a night of first. First time I have been to a GLBT bar. I found it interesting to say the least. The music was decent enough although I don't understand the place charging for water, but eh. First time I have been to a drag show in any formal since. I mean I have a few friends who do are female impersonators occasionally, but it was the first time I went to a show as such. Aside from the disk skipping and all it was entertaining.

And yes it was the first time I was given a spanking. (in the "adult" since). I'll not say that it was a turn on or anything, but it was a unique experience all the same and hey it made a friend happy so it is all good. My spanker (don't know the "formal" term) gave me the choose of four tools to be used. I ended up selecting two of them a "baby flogger" for the stingy pain and a paddle for the thuddy pain.

Anyway I had fun to say the least and even got to hang out with a great set of people.
Anyway thats all I can say without incriminating the people who came to the meet & greet.

Éagann an ní a dhéanaimid dúinn féin - Maireann an ní a dhéanaimid do chách go síoraí ('What we do for ourselves dies with us - what we do for others is immortal' )


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