Juggling Act  

SexxxyLicious28 33F
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9/7/2006 7:06 pm
Juggling Act

It's been awhile since I've posted again. Classes started almost two weeks and I'm already waiting for the semester to be over with. I can tell that this semester is gonna be the most stressful since I've been here. I'm taking 18 credit hours, because I'm a maniac. On top of those 18 credit hours, I'm also volunteering, working at a new job, and working as a lab assistant. But I have made time to go out.

I went on a date on monday. It was ok... definetely didn't get the zsa zsa zu from this guy. But lately that's been the case with most guys that I date. This guy's problem was he was too into me. I usually complain when the guy is "just not into me" but lately they've been TOO into me! (This feels like a sex and the city moment... where's my cosmopolitan?) He was from Africa, kept saying how "beautiful" I was, said he wants to find a woman to "be his queen and take back to Africa", and then asked when I was free. I laughed but sheesh calm the fuck down. All of this, and the sappy text message he sent me, no doubt turned me off. The last date I went on was with a guy who was at lose for words. He stared at me the whole time saying it was because my pictures didn't do me justice. I asked questions... he stared. The waitress asked him questions... he stared at me. It was getting downright ridiculous. Finally he loosened up but then I noticed the guy seemed to not have any fuckin balls. When I ordered something, he ordered the same damn thing. I would say get something different, you don't have to get what I get. He was just tryin too hard and it backfired.

Through all of this I have a newfound respect for men. You guys have to come on to a girl, but not too strong. Be romantic, but not a sap. Be sensitive, but yet strong and not a sissy. Share emotions and feelings, but again not be a sissy and mistaken as gay. And even when do all this and more, it still depends on what the girl likes. That's a lot of shit to juggle. Well maybe one of these days I'll find a guy who can juggle all this perfectly and that is conveniently to my liking.

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