Wow this is new to me!  

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7/16/2006 7:13 am
Wow this is new to me!

There is so much here that it seems to take time to navigate the many paths you can take. So I have ended up here. It has been fun, I have talked to many coold people and learned lots of new stuff. Some things are encouraging, some things are disappointing but it is great fun. I am finally meeting a great lady this weekend. My first meeting from this site. I am looking forward to it and just hanging out and having fun. If anyone actually reads this I will be surprised, and happy.
This week has been hard. I got a me..but even smarter I got a second one. I thought I was being careful but I put on sunscreen that was appently not waterproof. Needless to say what happened when I went into the pool. I didn't know they sold non waterproof sunscreen anymore, but my friend had a tube. So I a going for the apple shading this season. At least it will go to a nice tan once the stinging stops. Of course I had a friend that noticed I was burnt and had to come up and hit it. I stood for about 5 minutes mouth a gap and feeling the pain. Why do people have to do that? Ok so I am very fair and tend to burn if not carefull but pain of that kind I can live without.
Next week I am starting a new job. I am nervous and excited. Haven't even started the job and the owner has already stated she wants to promote me to assistant manager. So I will have a day or two just on cash and then get into the ordering and helping to maintain schedules and customer disputes. I am sure I will be taking on more after that but it is a good way to start. I just hope I get raises with more work. Otherwise why would it be worth it?
Well hope you all have a good weekend.
Smiles and licks

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