My Birthday  

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1/19/2006 2:43 pm

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My Birthday

I was thinking about writing a blog for awhile but wasn't sure. But the longer I thought about it. The more I thought I should.

My birthday was just a couple weeks ago and I wasn't expecting a great night. I mean, it was just my 36th birthday, nothing major. I was wrong. It turned out to be a wild night.

On Saturday, a couple that I have been friends with for a couple years (I dated him before my current boyfriend). He now has a girlfriend so all four of us hang out together. And whenever we get together we always talk about sex because the other guy and I are always horny and my boyfriend and his girlfriend aren't. So anyways back to the story...

This other couple came over around 7 and we started drinking waiting for my boyfriend to get out of work. My niece showed up to drive us around that night. After my boyfriend got home, we all headed out. First stop was the bar around the corner from our house. We walked in and order some drinks and the other girl and I did shots of blowjobs. Of course, for those of you that know, to do this shot, you can't use your hands.. you must use your mouth to grab the shot glass. So two guys at the bar, moved down so that we could do this. All the people around us were cheering us on and I was the only one that did the shot the right way. No hands.. only mouth... (must be all that practicing giving blow We had another drink and decided it was time to leave there and head to Syracuse to go to the strip clubs.

We got into the minivan and the other girl made some comment about my breasts. I said, you want to touch them? and she said yes.. so she reached down my shirt and grab my nipple. She said, wow they are huge and really soft. My boyfriend moved so she sat next to me and unbuttoned my blouse and undid the front hook bra I had on. She played with both nipples and even sucked on them. I then returned the favor and sucked on her nipples. She then grabbed her boyfriends hands and put them on my tits and had both our nipples touching while he grabbed both of them. I grabbed my boyfriends hands and let him touch both our tits. I had my one hand draped over the back of the seat and my male friend grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I was rubbing his cock, feel it get harder and harder in his pants. Hands seem to be going everywhere and had we been at one of our houses, I don't know if it would have stopped but we were driving in a van. The other girl and I made out for a while and did more touching but that was the extent of that.

We arrived at Dream Girls and went in. All four of us sat right up near the stage. Of course, everyone ended up knowing it was my birthday because the other girl kept yelling it.. So all the strippers (female) paid extra attention to me. some of those girls were so hot. Now, looking at these girls.. some just were so much more sexy because they had a little meat on them. They weren't just little things. A couple had really great tits. I was told I was getting a lap dance so to pick out which girl I wanted. So I watched and looked and found one that really interested me. She was probably about 5'5", blonde hair, good size tits and a really nice ass. She also had her clit pierced, well, the hood actually. Now I had never had a lap dance before and my boyfriend ended up going in with me. She started dancing for me and told me I could touch her anywhere except her pussy. No kissing or licking. (damn) So touched her tits and ass. And she did most of her dancing for me but did pay some attention to my boyfriend but I still was touching her even then. It was hot. Unfortunately, the dance was over and we had to leave but I had to ask about that piercing. She showed me (about 4 inches from my face), where it was and said that it hurt a little but it was great during sex. She came a lot more and more easily. (I don't know, still don't think I will get one)

It was just a great night. We decided to leave and hit another bar. This was a topless bar so we could get another alcoholic drink. After being at an all nude club and going to a topless, it really sucked. So we had one drink and left.

Next stop was Denny's to get some food. We all were starting to sober up and need to get something to eat.

We ended up back home after that. After all, it was 4:30am.

No big orgy or anything but who knows what will happen the next time we all get together. Should be fun.

I will keep you posted if anything else happens.

9Simon9 67M
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1/20/2006 1:11 pm

Nice job for your first entry.

Good pic.

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