So, tie me up and fuck me  

SexSlaveCamp 43G
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8/18/2006 7:36 pm
So, tie me up and fuck me

Hey, want to have some wild sex? Not have control of what happens, it's a real turn on, wanna try? Gals, guys, lets have fun, write us here.

MysteriousDrEvil 56M
2 posts
8/19/2006 8:53 pm

Wow, over a hundred views of your blog and no takers. Ok, what do you want? I'm ready, give or take as long as we both have fun...Doc

rosster1976 41M
53 posts
8/24/2006 5:03 pm

I'm Game!

rm_timbanger 47M

8/26/2006 11:35 pm

Are ypu looking for a Dom or a sub??????? Let me know?

BruntMorelPrink 41M

8/27/2006 6:48 am

i'm game for either end of that whip!

spikexp 42M
1 post
8/30/2006 12:00 am

lol tie me up already

Nester505 41M/39F
8 posts
9/29/2006 1:07 pm

Me and my wife might be interested, care to chat? You can IM us at Yahoo Messenger at 'santafe13couple'.

HIDNTreasureNSW 47F

7/30/2007 1:29 pm

Yea....okay sounds good. I will even provide the venue.
Who wants to party?? Me personally I like 5 W/E men to myself, but if there are any slender, young, fit ladies who want to join in...I'm game!
xxx Kate xxx

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