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Sometimes as I think of the people I've known, the girls that I've loved, I see a glimpse of their face, usually I just remember the situation, the surroundings. When I first arrived in Hawaii I ended up living on a black sand beach, Kehena Beach on the Big Island. It's a nude beach and there were delightful times for sure. One day a slim blonde showed up wearing an orange/yellow print sarong, didn't take it off but several times facing the ocean would open it so the ocean was the only viewer. I tried not to look but she pulled my attention like a magnet, even when she was behind my back. Being naked I often had to pull up my legs and wrap my arms around then to hide my hardon. Suddenly I realized that she had sat beside me and she was removing the sarong, I got hard instantly and she laughed and said "Well, that was quick!" and we laughed. We became friends and about a year later the day before Christmas I saw her, sad, in a parking lot, she had lost her place to live and being a gentleman I volunteered to share my loft apartment with her. We were together for a year and a half when she had the auto accident, she was in the hospital for three weeks on IV morphine and has been addicted ever since. After taking her to the methadone clinic every day for 6 months, trying two treatment clinics and eventually giving up when I was totally in debt and my cards maxed out I borrowed enough to send her back to her family in Finland. I talked to her once a few months later but have no phone number now and her parents return my letters. I see her face every day, on a passing bus, in a crowd, when I close my eyes, when I see a sunset, children playing, the starry sky...
Gatita, I love you so much

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7/12/2005 9:41 pm

Dave, any planned activities next week? I am free Wed through Saturday for new learning or teaching opportunities. Victor

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