What exactly is freedom?  

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3/19/2006 5:01 pm
What exactly is freedom?

Many of our ancestors moved here for the promise of freedom. Freedom of religion, opression, taxation without representation - you name it. Families still try to emmigrate here because of the promises that America makes for them and the well being of their families. Many people i know have come here for work alone and send most of their paychecks home to their families.

My question is, are we really free? Are we really setting a better example? Did we really accomplish what our founding fathers set out to accomplish? The more i see, the more i doubt that we are going in the right direction.

Some examples are how people were so preoccupied with gay marriage and abortion during the last election. The only arguments against those two concepts are religiously based. Separation of church and state right?

Another one is that you work for your pay. You get taxed on that. You then spend the money you've been taxed on already and spend more tax when you buy something. Then at the end of the year when you get your tax return (an interest free loan you just gave the gov't) you get taxed on your refund. Taxation without representation right? Forget about "use" taxes, death taxes and everything else. I thought we were supposed to be taxed once?

Take another very controversial topic - gun rights. The idea of the original law was that people were allowed to arm themselves in order to overthrow the gov't (if it wasn't working - like, uh, right now) and to protect themselves from foreign entities (as in the British). It did not mean that people should stock up on AK-47's and mortar shells. So when some looney goes running around shooting their assult rifle in the middle of town because their girlfriend just left them, we're supposed to protect their rights?

Think of all the things you have to do to live a "legal" life in this country. Pay your double and triple taxes, pay for your driver's license, pay for where you live, pay for running a red light or where you park - seeing any kind of pattern here? Of course fold that in with organized religion which uses the same tactics except they threaten you with some imaginary consequence in order to get money from you too.

Of course the media doesn't help at all. Milk is cancerous, murders outside your door, don't drive over a bridge because it will blow up, your kids are being in church and school - fear, fear, fear and or course make sure you pay us to "protect" you because we're doing such a good job. Just look at the news to see how good we're doing.

So let me ask again. Are we really "free" here? Can you really live a decent life without fear and without being drained by any entity that can get money out of you? Whatever happened to 2 acres of land and a mule? We are promised everything and given nothing and even what we have is eventually taken. Ever have a grandparent in a nursing home and watch the gov't suck them dry of everything they own?

Poison our food supply and push us on drugs to fix your new mysterious illness. Raise the cost of health care and tell us that we have to pay double the health insurance to cover it. Attack a major gas supplier in the world to raise gas prices and tell us that there is nothing they can do about it, meanwhile the gas companies score record profits. Make a gay partner stay outside while their lover of 20 years dies in a hospital room because they are not "family". Claim to be a "good christian president" and let people die in New Orleans, send kids to die in Iraq and let people starve on the streets. Make a 12 year old victim have her baby because it is "illegal" otherwise.

Are we so arrogant that we can't possibly believe that the rest of the world might hate us for a reason? Do we really have it that good? Or is life in the US just a giant game of chess where we are the pawns?

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