erotic story.. mostly true  

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9/8/2006 10:07 am
erotic story.. mostly true

I ahve to say I think one of the most exciting experiences I have has has been in an airplane. I am a piolt and love flying our plane. It is of course the perfect time to be in the mile high club and to just let loose at 5,000 feet. So here is a mostly true story about some friends and us...hope you enjoy

Joining the mile high club:
It was a perfect day for flying.. loittle or no clouds and a great sky. The company wa even better with my hot girlfriend and a couple who we knew from college. We were on our way to Chacago for no reason at all , except that my girl wanted some good deep dish pizza. Little did we know there would be some good deep dish pizza and lots of other things that were deep.

I taxied to the end of the runway and got clearence, heading to Chicago. We lifted off and climbed to 4,000 ft. It was a fast flight and as soon as we leveled off my girlfriend, acting like the great host she is, assumed the flight attendent roll. She turned around to her firends and said, "the only rule of this flight are that there are no rules and you can only mess with the Captain as long as he says so.. I don't want him having an orgasm and crahing this plane." Everyone laughed and smiles were on everyone's face.

After about 15 minutes, everyone srated to get a little more comfortable. my girfriend had passed out some drinks (for everyone except me.. the FAA frowns on that) and they were all getting a little loose. I turned around and Maria was kissing Brian in a deep french kiss while his hands groped her. She was waring a cute sundress with, by the looks of it, no panites. After a few moments I head on my headphones that it was getting too hot in the back and they needed to loose some clothes. I said that shouldn't be a problem at all.

After a few minutes what had begun as an after shcool special on ABC turned into an X rated flick. The clothes were gone (yes she had on no panties) and maria was on her knees sucking brian's hard cock. Her mouth ran over the entire length making it dissapear into her lucious lips. Her hand stroked his balls as he massaged her beautiful breasts. She licked suductively up and down taking him entirely into her mouth.

The scene was more that I could take behind the controls and I asked my girfriend to assist or my cock may make th plane change course! She approached me and pulled off my pants, exposing my hard cock. Her mouth went down on me, making me extreamly wet and covering me with her juices. She licked and carrassed my balls and followed her mouth with her hand, jerkingme off while she licked me. I cehck to make sure my headphones were not connected to the tower and began to moan so my girl knew how good it felt. "That's it baby... suck it good... I love it when you use your tounge like that". Whith that she pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped it against her toungue. She continued on.. making me moan in exstacy. "Oh yeah baby... that feels so good" I said as she carrassed my balls and licked me. "Keep it up and I am going to cum." "That's what I want baby, she replied. Hurry up.. I need to get back to my friends." With that, I looked behind me to see Maria riding brians cock while he held her breasts. The scene was enought to send me over the edge. "Oh yes, a little more...oh that's it baby.. suck me harder, yes, yes ,YES, oh, make me cum!" And just like that, i filled her mouth with my warm cum.

My girlfriend got us, wiped her mouth, took a drink of Coke and climbed into the back to join her friends. They were in the throdes of exstacy and hardly knew she was there until he finger bagan to paly with Maria's clit while she rode Brian. They were all scream ing in exstacy, bodies ungulating everywehere.. I was almost worried the plane would loose altitude. My soft cock began to get hard again so I played with myself as I watched behind me. I stroked it watching my girl finger Maria while Brian fucked her.

They decided to switch girls and my girlfriend got on her knees with Brian behind her and Maria in front of her. She put out her tounge and takted Maria as Brian entered her from behind. "Yeah.. that's it Brian .. fuck me you stud". My girlfriends tounge danced over Maria and her fingeres entered her pussy feeling her wetness. The three some was so hot and I could feel the precum on my cock. It as so slick and I was so horny watching them.

This scene continued for a short time before maria started to moan very loudly. She arched her back and let out a scream as she came on my girfriends tounge. The sounds must have been too hot for Brian because his face grimmaced and he shot his load into my girlfriend..screaming the whole time how good it felt. Almost a the smae time I felt my own orgasm building in my balls and my cock erupted with my hot juice.

I checked the controls and noticed we were pretty close to Chicago. I looked back and told everyone to take their seats that we would be landing shortly. they all looked dissapointed. I smiled and said..."the adventure has only begun".

My girlfriend took her pace next to me and I radioed the tower for landing 15 miinutes we were on the ground and off to Malone's for pizza.

Hope you all liked. It is a true story and I have many more like them. If you like it.. let me know and I will write more. Also, I can be very creative so if there is something you want me to wrtie about..let me know. I aim to please

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