One Pair of Honest Eyes  

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4/21/2006 10:06 pm

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One Pair of Honest Eyes

Old School
back in the day
getting naked meant
she must be the one
by now there have been
a number of "ones"
and a number of lives started over
I'm worn out looking for the one
waiting for the one

I'm ready to try something else
but there is no such thing as no strings attached
Come on Get Over it already

Think about it,
how many of our moms really had a good fuck,
think about it GUYS. You'd be pissed too.
How many of our fathers ever learned how to touch
or that they have hips that they can move.
Geez, most young white guys cant dance for that matter.
Think about it.
God I've had girlfriends who's mothers couldn't even tell them frankly about getting there first blood.
The dark ages haven't really ended.

I'm not being sexy am I.
1/3 of US women report having been beaten or by an intimate partner.
I'm still not being sexy am I.

oh yea lets not forget about 1000s of years of religious sexual repression, are fathers, fathers, fathers ...... burned a million or so women back in europe in the day (hey don't forget Salem)
and called them witches

So whatever no stings, we all got so many strings wrapped all around us.
Hi, my names-(add your name here)and I'm a survivor of western civilization.

So we could just fuck like bunnies and I could hump your leg .......
And we could just use this sex thing to avoid ourselves like most everything else we do

How long did you watch tv today?
bet it was Fox Network huh?
Its all really good out there huh?
running from the shadow
thanks uncle Rupert

But no, I want to blow my mind and yours
and I'm pretty sure the best sex has my heart exploding open with the goddess in front of me
I want to go higher or deeper than.....
I want to blow our minds
I want to give you, you, in all your glory
I want to touch your secret heart

And the best most highest sex
has no tomorrow
no expectation of whats next
no mind
no hope
just this here and now

I've been doin the sex thing
for a while now
maybe many lives now
and I like it that
I know I have no idea
how high it can go

And right now
I think all I'm looking for is,
a pair of honest eyes

oh geez, am I ranting again

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