Manifesto for Surrealism  

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Manifesto for Surrealism

I was reading through my portfolios on Art History. Surrealism. One of the projects during school days. This is one of my favourite Art movement which greatly influenced my interests in Psychology and the Human Brain. And also my love for the Avantgarde and Abstract. I would like to share what I have found. Below quoted are not my words but from a few different websites on Surrealism. IF you an avid fan of Surrealism, you may enjoy it.


A cultural, artistic and intellectual movement.
Emphasizing the critical and imaginative faculties of the unconscious mind.
This orientation towards transcending everyday reality towards one that incorporates the imaginative and the unconscious has manifested itself in the intent to bring about personal, cultural, political and social revolution, sometimes conceived or described as a complete transformation of life by freedom, poetry, love, and sexuality.

Surrealism as we know it today is closely related to some forms of abstract art. In fact, they shared similar origins, but they diverged on their interpretation of what those origins meant to the aesthetic of art.

In brief, 'Surrealism' attempts to further our understanding of the human condition by seeking ways of fusing together our perceived conscious reality with our unconscious dream state. Without the influence of Dada and Surrealism, there would perhaps be no Conceptual Art, and no Situationist's.

Surrealism is a style in which fantastical visual imagery from the subconscious mind is used with no intention of making the work logically comprehensible. Founded by Andre Breton in 1924, it was a primarily European movement that attracted many members of the chaotic Dada movement. It was similar in some elements to the mystical 19th-century Symbolist movement, but was deeply influenced by the psychoanalytic work of Freud and Jung.

Dada, one of the crucially significant movements of the historical avant-garde, was born in the heart of Europe in the midst of World War I. The movement primarily involved visual arts, literature (mainly poetry), theatre, and graphic design, and was characterized by

1 )Absurdism. A philosophy stating that the efforts of humanity to find meaning in the universe will ultimately fail because no such meaning exists (at least in relation to humanity).
2 )Deliberate irrationality.
3 )Disillusionment.
4 )Cynicism. Opinions of those disinclined to believe in human sincerity and virtue. Individuals who maintain that only self-interest motivates human behavior.
5 )Randomness, and
6 )The rejection of the prevailing standards in art.

The movement survived but was greatly diminished after World War II.

I will post a few artwork from the Dada movement.
The one here is Philosophy in the Boudoir- 1947 by Rene Magritte.

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