Can Man Win?  

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3/14/2006 6:06 am

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Can Man Win?

When I read MSM's blog, mr_simply_me, abt "Men just cannot win... Can we?" I would like to share something here.

I would pity the man sometimes. Its not that they cannot win, for some, or most, man are creatures who are filled with egos. IT can make them helpless and also very lost. On the surface, women seems able to be in a win-win situation just because of it.

Some men will never change. Even with PPO, they will still try to get back at the woman. But one thing I hope that women would be able to stand on their own feet in times like this. Most of the time, the abused woman will be in dilemma due to the sake of children, especially if they are still young. Then again, the impact on children can be very strong when they capture images of abusive acts at the back of their mind. Most of the them would grow up to be an abuser themselves.

Abused men. Again, with ego, they would probably not report it. First, they are afraid that people will laugh at them. Afraid people may not believe them. Simply they love their wife too much and able to tolerate it (vice versa for woman). They can spend more time at work and try to stay away from 'trouble' and yet they are so concerned and so helpless. As woman are being labelled as the 'weaker sex', people will normally believe if she turns the table around to say that the husband abused her instead. Poor man. The trial goes on...

Man are not evil. They are creatures who need to open their soul to the women they love. Forget about the ego. Communication and understanding are important. Assume nothing as everything does happen with a reason.

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3/16/2006 4:24 am

To say that if men are evil, it is not a fair statement. And to say women are evil, it is not right too.

I believe that being evil is not part of human nature. Unless if you believe that the person is born with a soul of a devil.

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mr_simply_me 46M
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3/15/2006 11:59 am

Ah.. thanks for mentioning me *blush*

Ok... MAN don't need pity.. we need understanding at times too!!

MAN are not evil.. Women are not evil... Who is evil then??



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