Just another wasted weekend (Blade runner blues)  

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3/12/2006 12:10 am

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Just another wasted weekend (Blade runner blues)

I find myself sitting here on Saturday, err make that Sunday wondering why on this Earth Im sitting here on Sunday morning (Kinda Pythonesque if you think about that line)

The night outside isn't bad at all, the usual rumbling of engines, the occasional train whistle, the typical bass thump of some moron's subwoofer. It rained earlier tonight, and thundered too, found it strange. This is the usual time of night where I just go out run to the store, get groceries whatever. Watching everyone else drive home, or to the nearest resturant for the afterbar. I usually run into them at the store. People can be strange, sometimes.

I keep finding myself thinking the usuals (by the usuals its "Why Im alone..etc etc.." ) really depressing stuff, but hey, "I've still got my guitar"...(as Jimi says)

It rained earlier, and I remembered the soundtrack to Blade Runner, how moody the music was. Especially when it rained, it seemed to take a deeper effect. Sometimes rain can be a romantic thing, or sad, or sometimes the perfect end to an already imperfect day...

Song "Blade Runner Blues" Vangelis

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