Deeper than Six Inches...  

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8/27/2006 11:17 am

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Deeper than Six Inches...

Do you really want more than emails and pictures? Really like to meet someone for some mind blowing sex?

When you see a woman who attracts you, what do you do?
How do you feel?
What do you want?
What are you willing to do to get it?

Do you really think that sending a picture of your cock to a woman is gonna get you some?

Do you REALLY think there’s a woman sitting around, just waiting for a picture of your dick? Come on fellas, even the nastiest of women don’t want to be treated like that all the time. You don't really think the first thing they want to hear is "Hey, ya wanna FUCK?" do you?

This isn’t a whore house, and you can’t buy (most of the) women here (hopefully).

How many beautifully hot women have fallen over from so much excitement because you whipped your dick out? I’d bet for most of us, if not all, that’s a big, fat ZERO. Besides that, isn't there a LITTLE more to you than your 12 foot pecker? You can't have the big O ALL the time. THEN what? Ya leave or wish she would? How long does THAT last?

For the most part, women are not nearly as visual as men. They tend to not move as fast as us, nor do I think they’re as orgasm oriented as most of us are.

Don’t most women really want to be honored and treated with respect, understanding, and compassion? Of course you want a man who knows his way with you, who knows how to create a variety of spaces, including relaxing, safe, erotic, and (hopefully) wild, playful, and exciting.

I’d think you want a man who can tell when you need a hug, and when you want to be pressed against the wall with a firm kiss and a very excited man between your legs (and yeah, guys, in that order. i think that for most people, if they really feel safe and understood, they're more relaxed and willing to be open and sharing)

Often it seems like we over-complicate life, so I’d enjoy any comments about relating (relationships, dating, flirting, sex, communication, role playing, anything interacting)

AILA78 59F

8/27/2006 12:59 pm


It appears you are correct on the subject.

Take a look at my friends list.

I prefer thoughtful and erotic pictures of men ,which delight me. That maybe the more proper term, delight me.

As you pointed out women are not as visual as men.

Some men in the states and all the gentlemen from France,Ireland and other points abroad in my friends network, appear to know the secret art of getting the ladies attention quickly, like the proud peacocks and beautiful curiosities you all are to us women.

A man in a white long sleeved shirt ,open to just a bare chest with jeans with just the top button undone ,is enticing to a women.

Or in a white t-shirt/undershirt sitting sweetly with a charming smile. How sexy.You just want to snuggle with him.After of course.

An uncommon luxury on this site.

These beautiful men on my network of friends ,thought about, and did their homework, to stand out in the crowd.

They were smart and knew how to fight a battle and win.

And I thank them from the bottom of my little heart for taking the long road , being erotic,sexy and being beautiful curiosities which made me want to explore more and chat with and eventully be with.

They got my attention for sure. Like I was a champion birddog. I did not move when I saw their pictures. Oh my God. Were my first words. Look at him. You men forget you are the proud peacocks, think of nature. And how they attract the little plain hens. It still works gentleman, mother nature made sure.

And some have accomplished their goal and walked away with my friendship, my little heart ,and some much ,much, more..Thanks to them all. aila

Hydragenias 57F

8/27/2006 3:42 pm

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rm_NippleNurse 52F
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8/28/2006 12:35 am

SSS, Your ability to attract the universe's best is because, quite frankly..You put that vibe out.. We attract what we put forth.. and your vibe is one of respectful... Dirty Love.. Oh, do I hear Zappa again.I know this much.. I could get totally lost in the moment of You
and have...~smile~ Takes a very special man to create such a draw..

Flutterby5867 50F

8/28/2006 5:36 pm


You have mastered what few men have, the art of common sense. It is a joy to see and read your blog for the first time and I am sure, not the last.

May the Universe bless you with Peace and Love onto overflowing and splashing over on others!



SensualSoulSeekr 43M

8/28/2006 10:17 pm

aila ~ Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to find others who enjoy those who pursue life with intention and ambition.

I hope others read your comments and recognize that I'm not completely out to lunch here. My intitial guess is that most men would think this is a bunch of crap. Then again, most of those men wouldn't be reading another man's blog, now would they? Hmmm...

"These beautiful men ...did their homework, to stand out in the crowd. "

It's also sad reminder of culture and societies values about how, generally speaking, we as men are shaped and taught. We so desperately try, when we already are that which we seek so naturally.

NN ~ Nice to see you . I always enjoy reading your posts in the group...insightful and revealing. As aila mentions in her post, it's an "An uncommon luxury on this site. "

*Stumbles around like a bull in a china shop*
Thanks Flutterby, but i feel like i'm still in the intro class. Being aware of ideas and having them as me consistantly are two very different things...
I like to think i'm a good communicator, but have PLENTY of reminders of when i stumble, trip, and doubt myself.

Certainly appreciate your compliments and hope you'll have something to share

SensualSoulSeekr 43M

8/29/2006 6:11 am


Many years ago, I was at a local club, which i'd stop by one every few months for the hell of it.

On this particular saturday night, there was an absolutely goregous woman there with her boyfriend. She was on the younger side, very cute face, and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of...

I tend to be fairly shy, and hope that if anyone would be interested in me, they'd somehow manage to work they're way over to me and say something....

Since that rarely happens, i decided i better say something....

"Heya, how you guys doing?" I nervously asked
Ahh, fine, you?
Good, i said with a big smile
Name's ,SSS. Nice to meet ya
Hi, i'm jack and this is Jill

Ok, well I just want to say to you Jill, that if you want a massage or ANYthing you guys let me know.... I said with eager anticipation

I was dying to get my hands on her body, to experience her skin and softness. She looked SO damn delicious!

They continued to mill around a bit, socializing and wandering.

Later, Jack came up to me and asked
Are ya still up for that massage?
HELLLLL yeah! i said with a huge smile!

The three of us headed into a room that had a peep hole. As soon as ppl saw us heading there, they were like
Hey man, there SHE is, she's going back in the rooom....and they started to gather like school boys peeping thru the girls shower

We started off ever so slowly, me carassing and slowly undressing her.

I could gaze at such beauty for hours, savoring every delicious inch. At some point, jack says
What's a matter, you don't like what you see?

Are you KIDDING? holy SHIT jack, jill is GORGEOUS!
I'm just trying to be respectful and enjoy what i can...

She slips of her pants and reveals the most beautiful little shaved peach....

Would you mind jill? I asked with a big smile
Oh no, of course not she smiled back

By now we could hear all the guys outside the door, bumpin each other off the peephole...

Man, if *I* was that dude, i'd be F'ing her in the ass
If *I* was that guy, i'd be blah blah blah

I heard for a few minutes.. I smiled at jill and said to the door, yeah, and that's EXACTLY Why you're out there, and i'm in here!

I smile back at her, and slowly lick my way between her legs...She wraps them around me and pulls me in closer and deeper....

After some very nice squirming and moaning, she releases, covering my face and hands in her sweetness...

so, sss, do you mind if *I* have a shot at that?

OMG, are you kidding?" you want ME in YOUR mouth?? well HELL ya....

talk about excited already!

you can guess the rest fellas....

Do ya see how a little respect and restraint could get you more than you possible imagine?

Have you ever really considered what it'd be like to drive a woman wild?

Why in the WORLD do you think YOU should be the one to say 'let's fuck'? Ever had a woman pull you close to her, look you deeply in the eyes and say GIVE IT TO ME?

Ever made a woman feel like she just can't STAND it anymore? She's GOT to have you?

Show a little respect, restraint, and interest, and you may be very surprised at the passion and desire you unlock....

SensualSoulSeekr 43M

9/22/2006 10:46 am

As i figured, I don't have many visitors, and certainly only 1 or 2 men. So ladies, how can we get these messages out there? How can we help those who want to understand how much more is out here?

How can we better learn to "Expose ourselves", to be completely naked to the world, without fear? (of course, when it's appropriate. certainly wouldn't suggest going to the store like that )

SensualSoulSeekr 43M

9/26/2006 6:15 am

A friend recently wrote:
"...once again the confidence added to that I feel has made all the difference in the world not only in everyday life but in my personal life as well...I realize that I brought myself to the point I am at now "

Communication is SO key. We hear this all the time, but what does it really mean? I suspect it's different for all of us, but one common theme is the desire to be understood, vs just wanting to communicate.

WTF am I saying?
In some schools of thought, it's "enough" to simply "express yourself" If you're angry, then SHARE it.
Others encourage us to a deeper understanding of self, as well as confirm the "message we sent was the one received."

SensualSoulSeekr 43M

6/3/2008 10:36 am

Well nearly two years later I still haven't found that special someone to get deeper than 6 inches with....

I have met some wonderful people in the past few months who continue to remind me to be patient...

SensualSoulSeekr 43M

7/4/2008 6:43 am

I also know that 2 years later, I still firmly believe this, and frankly, and amazed at times at how other guys "behave" here...

Recently, I stumbled across another blog that was saying the same thing from a womans POV. Sadly, that one didn't have that many replies or much discussion either.

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