With the Best of Intentionz ~ Doez That Count ? LOL  

SensualNWylde 50F
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3/12/2006 7:07 am
With the Best of Intentionz ~ Doez That Count ? LOL

Az the title sayz, I started out with the best of intentionz so doez that count for whut inevitably happened ? lmao ....

My g/f called me up early Friday night stating that she needed 2 go out for a "couple" of drinkz. Furst good intention considering I had already had four or five beerz since I had gotten home from work at four. Ya see, my brand iz Labatt'z Black Ice and it'z 6.1%alc/vol so it'z pretty dammed strong ~ let'z put it this way. It'z one of thoze beerz where you can only have one and it smellz like you've had three *S* So I said "ok" and told her not to worry since she only had a few buckz.

So I go into the Ontario room trying to find sumone to go w/ us 2 the bar but az usual most of the peepz in that room won't talk 2 u if yer not in there very often ~ it'z pretty bad that almost everyone I talk 2 haz the same problem when they go to their local room also. WTF iz up w/ that ? LOL

So I ordered a case of beer waiting for my friend to show up. Well , she got here and then we had to wait for my delivery. After it showed up, I said "Okay, let'z go." Sorry, I am the type that waiting drivez me crazy. So we walked across the street where the closest bar iz. Like I tell my friendz, I just literally have to go out the back door and not very far to crawl or stagger home whutever the case may be. *S*

Second good intention : everytime I go to that particular bar I either end up bringing home sumbody or going home w/ them so I thought " Okay 2nite I'm gonna be a good gurl and go home by myself"

So me and my g/f sit down and order a pitcher of draft and just listening to the band. Now ordinarily I'm definitely NOT into country music but I don't mind when I'm drinkin' and they play other stuff too. So the evening progressez, we've gone through about three pitcherz, we've gotten up and danced when outta the blue ~ lmao or should I say the dark ~ this guy iz asking to dance w/ me. Being the socialable person I am I said "sure"

Third good intention : I intended when we got back to my table to tell him it wuz a gurlz night out. *S*

Well he came back and sat down at our table and I just looked at my g/f and shrugged. Hiz name wuz Steve and damm if he didn't find the right spot on my neck to nibble on *sighz* and that wuz the downfall of me that night LMAO It didn't help he had evil bedroom eyez either. See, the furst thing that attractz me to a guy iz their eyez.

So after a while we left and went 2 hiz place. OMG that man wuz so nice n thick I LUVED it !!

Of course I overslept and wuz late 4 work again for Saturday morning but it wuz worth it.

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