Patience Iz Definitely NOT One of My Virtuez  

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3/5/2006 10:06 am

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Patience Iz Definitely NOT One of My Virtuez

Now I must start looking 4 an apartment by the end of the month. I hate doing that just az much az I hate shopping . *LOL* Yes a woman that absolutely HATEZ shopping of any kind believe it or not. I used to get so frustrated that I used to go in the local mall with my niece and when that gurl saw a SALE sign in the window it wuz like waving a red flag in front of a bull and ~ ZOOM ~ like a nuclear missile she had her target in site. LOL ~ so I'd be the one waiting around while she tried on all theze different outfitz and getting VERY impatient I might add. But "Auntie, I value your opinion because you're the ONLY one that will be completely honest with me. " I grinned and said, "Well, remember you wanted my honesty be4 you ask me ' Does this make me look fat?' or ' Doez this colour look good on me?' "

I admit I am the WORST person to take anywhere where u have 2 wait. Patience iz DEFINITELY not one of my virtuez but at least I am honest enuff 2 admit it. Hospital waiting roomz are the worst for me ~ grinz ~ that and the so called "express lane" in the grocery store. Now I don't care WHUT anyone sayz they are NOT the fastest lane in that dang store. You alwayz get stuck behind sumone that haz 2 send their hubby or an employee scurrying back to exchange sumthing or get sumthing they 4got. Then *groanz* you get shopperz like my mom who insist on paying for at least 1/2 of all the groceriez with them bloody couponz. My mom wuz in a coupon club ~ if she had sum kinda coupon she couldn't uze she'd mail it to another member while other memberz were doing the same 4 her. I uzed to be SO embarrassed while going through the checkout and all of a sudden she'd exclaim "WAIT ! I have a coupon for that" and whip out her coupon holder and at least spend a couple of minz looking for THAT particular coupon. DANG woman ~ LOL

OMG *grinz* I can't believe my son iz turning 20 this year. That meanz against my will that I am going to be a year older also. But my personal motto, among many otherz I might add iz this ~ It'z MY birthday so therefore it'z MY day. Since it IZ my day, I can be any age I want 2 be. THEREFORE I have decided that I am going 2 age BACKWARDZ ~ *hehe* Workz for me. Or the one everyone likez I am 19 with 20 yearz experience. Or my other favourite saying "You are only az old az you feel. So since you're younger than me cum here and let me FEEL ya"

But it helpz that I don't feel like I'm gonna be 39 cuz in sum placez when I'm wearing my baseball hat especially , I still get IDed. I even got IDed in Las Vegas just after Xmas when I tried to order a beer.AFTER it'z funny but sumtimez AT that specific moment it'z not. *S*

For example : I had my son pick me up from the local bar. He wuz on hiz way home *couldn't believe it actually , he wuz actually trying to get home on time for hiz curfew* so we had arranged that he'd be my "designated walker". So he'z helping me stagger down the street when we stopped in at the only open corner store ~ one of thoze 24/7 placez ~ and I had left my ID at home. They know me in that bar and never thought about bringing it. Well, I went in2 the store w/ my son and asked 4 a pack of cigarettez cuz I had run out. Now, all the other drinkerz know when u drink IF you're a smoker you NEED a smoke plain and simple. Well, the KID behind the counter looked at me and very politely asked me if I had any ID. I looked at him *and all my fellow drinkerz know this ~ even though I admit I saw three of him and know from personal experience that when u see three chancez are the real one iz the one in the middle *and said "Look, hun, I'm old enuff to b yer mother. My son here iz probably about yer age." MEANWHILE , may I add , my kid wuz laffing like crazy. He lookz at me and sayz "Sorry, ma'am, but I can't sell u theze until you show sum ID" I wuz not about to make my son walk me home two blockz and then walk me ALL the way back. GROWLING I left the store when I saw a buddy of mine walking up the sidewalk. My son sayz, "Mom, ask Bruce to get them for you." It wuzn't until then I saw the humour in the whole situation and started giggling. So there I wuz , waiting on the street corner while my buddy went in and bought my smokez for me. *GRINZ* brought back memoriez I tell ya *S*

OH and if this workz I enclosed a pic of the OTHER end of me *S*

Well, later y'all *waving *

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