Just Can't Believe the Rudeness of Sum People'z Children  

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2/26/2006 11:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just Can't Believe the Rudeness of Sum People'z Children

I just can't get over the rudeness of sum people'z children.

My F/friendz had flown up from California to spend all last week w/ me. She iz whut we call my "evil twin " and we must have been separated at burth and He iz our Master.

One evening W/we had gone out to a local seafood place for supper. Everything wuz going fine until Master went to pay for the meal. The waitress took Hiz American money and W/we could hear sum kind of discussion going on. The next thing we know, the owner/chef of the establishment walkz over to U/us standz BEHIND Master and throwz the $100.00 down on the table and sayz that he won't take it for payment and that "You need to get better money than THAT " and walkz away. Master, who wuz sitting across the table from me lookz at me immediately and sayz, "YOU be quiet!! " ~grinz~ Master knowz this slave very well lmao.

Master ended up having to uze Hiz credit card and the poor waitress kept apologizing. The kitchen iz right by the cash register so I said VERY loudly , "You don't need to keep apologizing hun unlike sum other FUCKING ASSHOLEZ in this place !! "

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