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4/3/2006 11:06 am

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E ~ mailz .....

Okay I'm still laffing over this email I got from a member.

The title of the e ~ mail was "Looking for Someone to Threeway" so I checked it and dammed if he did NOT say one word about no threeway ROFL trust me I looked !!

I also think it should be mandatory for two thingz on profilez :

1) A before picture ~ definition to ME iz one of your face WITH your clothez on.

2)An after picture ~ definition to ME whut I am going to be looking at furst thing in the morning so I can be prepared and I'll do the same for you LMAO I'm sorry I'm pretty sure I hurt the eyez when I wake up beside sumone else for the furst time ~ the poor buggerz *hehe*

What'z really fun about meeting sumone for the furst time iz usually the morning after. How many have u woken up in sumone'z house and didn't remember how u got there? *ROFL raising my hand*

One time I had to stop at the convenience store and I looked at the kid laffing and said,"Excuze me. I wonder if you could help me. I came to a party with sum friendz last nite but I have no clue where the fuck I am. Can u tell me where I am and how to get to Main St?" That kid started laffing w/ me and sayz " Don't worry lady. I've been there plenty of timez myself and know how THAT goez"

I've alwayz gotten along w/ teenagerz. Maybe cuz I talk TO them and WITH them when az parentz when it comez to our own kidz we forget to do that. Especially when they hit them rebellious yearz. You might az well color your hair GREY now and save time by the time yer kidz r adultz and outta the house.lmao.

I have about 21 teenagez around town that call me "mom". I'd tell them straight off "Whutever u do there are sum VERY simple rulez here.

1)Do NOT under ANY circumstancez call me Mrs _____ . I am NOT Mrs ______ and I'll keep looking over my shoulder to see if my mother'z standing there. You can call me _______ or Mom but NEVER Mrs _________ .

2)Do NOT expect me to lie for u if yer parentz call. I will NOT give more information than what they ask for and I won't say anything unless they bring it up.

3)If you bring dope in the house you have to share some with Mom.

4)I refuze to buy cigarettez and/or booze for u. IF you bring it in here you do NOT leave this house. I will call your parentz to see if u can stay overnight and ~ after seeing the "deer caught in the headlight" look come into their eyez ~ don't worry I won't tell them why UNLESS they ask.

BUT OMG lmao thoze teenagerz livez are more like a soap opera sumtime ....

Point in case :

*in the back ground hear the rattle of the typewriter keyz*




All three are my "kidz". I love them all dearly but here iz the "plot"

John and Rob are best friendz and have been for yearz. Samantha iz one of my "kidz" and haz also know John n Rob for a long time.


Furst Sam will go out w/ John. Then he dumpz her she goez out w/ Rob. When HE dumpz her she goez back to John and so on and so on and so on.

BUT everytime in between she'z crying in my living room about whichever one broke her heart.


Okay I luv all my kidz but enuff wuz enuff. I got home from work one Fri afternoon, grabbed the phone and ordered a case of beer to get delivered. So by the time the kidz came trooping in I wuz in a pretty dammed good mood. All the boyz troop upstairz to my son'z room and Sam stayz downstairz. She'z lookin' at me and so I said " What'z wrong lil gurl?" and she started on and ON about John n Rob. Okay, enuff iz enuff *weg* so I said, "All righty then" I went over to the foot of the stairz n HOLLERED " JOHN N ROB DOWN HERE NOW !!! IF I HAVE TO COME UP THERE N GET U IT WON'T BE PRETTY !! " Dead silence then the usual "Ha Ha You're in troubbble.....you're in troubbbble" then I hear feet hittin' the stairz and I stood up .... pointed at furst John n Rob " YOU there.........YOU there " and they sat down.

*hehe* I felt like the Godfather .... I actually nonchalantly finished off my beer got up n got another one .... sat down .... took a deep breath and let 'em have it. *S* Thoze boyz looked like they didn't know whut hit them LMAO.

Samantha wuz laffing until I looked over .... narrowed my eyez and VERY softly said, " And YOU ...." She literally squeaked LMAO and she got it next about how she knowz the boyz uze her back n forth and I'm tired of hearing about it .... find sumone else.


They decided to not go out with Sam anymore n vice versa and stayed the best of friendz.


Damm I should have been a lawyer *S* but I have alwayz been of the belief that kidz should have sumone speak up for them and I'll even tell parentz " Don't give me that look. You KNOW me well enuff I'll be on your kidz side."

~ WAVING ~ later y'all

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