A Recent Vist cont.... ~~~By Sensualbbw  

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5/17/2006 7:26 am

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A Recent Vist cont.... ~~~By Sensualbbw

It was magical and spiritual. The Goddess was in that space only shared with other Godesses. The pie eater and the visitor were not invited into this space at all but could only watch from the outside. Lowly as the pie eater and visitor were they were given permission for that one moment to look in becuase it was her birthday wish. Goddess still wonders but has not asked what it was like looking into that trance and seeing all those women celebrating with her. There was not one part of her body not unattended by a hand, finger, mouth or pussy. Was very curious to know where the cock fits into all this. Nipples erect, mouth full of sweet kisses, pussy full of tongues and fingers. How about the other sweet, tight hole? I believe something was there as well. Yes totally full and content I was.

Lisa is the slave to the Goddess. Lisa was put into sleep only to awake when the visitor arrived and when the Goddess was finished with the pie eater and the visitor and needed to be attended to.

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