A Recent Visit ~~~written by MajiFinger  

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A Recent Visit ~~~written by MajiFinger

She originally wanted me for her birthday gift and later she changed to having both me and her husband. She said that she wanted the two men she loved most in the same gift package. Since it meant so much to her I accepted but I warned her of my shyness.
After several reminders from her and assurances from me her birthday came. In the evening she went out to dinner with her husbant and I was supposed to call at 10:30 and I did. "The door will be open""she had said.
I got there at around 110 and the front door was unlocked. I entered and saw Lisa half sleepimg on the couch. "They are upstairs" said Lisa with a sleepy voice but I thought that the sleepiness part was a little exaggerated. I was a little surpised to see her there but I said to myself "what the heck", so, I walked upstairs.
I walked to the bedroom door I opened it and saw her with a very light night gown lifted up just enough to expose her nipples while she was lying with her legs wide open and her husband, totaly naked with his face totaly involved in her groin. Immediately I understood the term "eating pussy" provided that the pussy was an apple pie and the eater was in a pie eating contest. For a second I almost laughed aloud because it looked like his head had dissapeared, instead my hormones kicked in. I confidently walked to the side of the bed and kissed her and she wispered in an affected voice "he is eating pussy like a lesbian". Initially, I thought she was enjoying it but after touching faces with her it felt like she was in a transe joined by dozens of spirits of women that came to celebratte that moment with her.

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11/29/2006 5:35 pm

Nice work! You are obviously more than just another pretty face.....!

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