What swinging is really like...  

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3/27/2006 8:08 pm

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What swinging is really like...

So, you wonder what swinging is really like? Well, its everything you probably have imagined it to be...and all kinds of less and more! Here's my take on it...

My wife and I were swingers for a couple of years. We joined an on-premise swing club and went every three weeks to a party for almost exactly 2 years. In that time, I saw or was part of so many amazing situations...and a few less than amazing ones as well.

The initial charge of actually going into a bedroom with another couple...planning on swapping partners is an astounding rush. It might be interesting to note that my main fantasy with that was to see my wife having sex with someone else - that I was going to have sex with someone new was strangely secondary to me. All my fantasies prior to that night were all about watching my wife with another guy. Yes, I do like to watch!

So what are the parties like? Pretty much like any party - a bunch of couples drinking, talking and dancing. But there comes a moment in the evening when something changes...and people start disappearing into bedrooms...or the clothes start coming off and folks jump in the hot tub...or the dancing on the dance floor takes a very spicy turn. Then there are those who just throw modesty to the wind and start playing out in the open in the living room for everyone to watch - and typically for them to enjoy being watched.

The atmosphere is charged but the overall feeling is one of great freedom. For instance, at a regular dance nightclub, there are the limitations...you can only go so far...there are certain expectations. But at an on-premise swing party, the expectations are gone and the limits are only set at what the participants choose them to be. The sexual freedom is palatable and those who enjoy the experience talk of finally being able to express their sexuality in the way they always wished they had been able to.

To swingers, sex is just a game adults play. And if you really think you know yourself and think you know something about sex, then you should be prepared to learn more than you ever imagined! Sex is truly like a gigantic buffet with different foods on it that different people like. Everyone seems to like something just a little different! What works for one, doesn't do diddly for another! The most fantastic fantasies can be lived, or dashed...and some of the most unlikely partners can prove to be the most sexually satisfying.

We never really liked the AdultFriendFinder idea of advertising for friends. The whole thing was too slow with all the scheduling, and getting to meet each other rigamarole. We decided to jump in with both feet when we joined the house-party club...meet people and have fun with them the same night. Yes, we made friends with quite a few and then we'd end up with them on subsequent evenings...but there'd always be that night when the friends weren't there, so we'd make new friends!

Did we always connect with someone? No. But hey, its a party! Have fun whether you fuck or not! That was what we eventually learned. No matter if you connect with someone, you're going to have a sexually charged evening with interesting people.

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3/28/2006 12:21 pm

I've never tried it, but I think I will when I'm ready

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