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2/15/2006 11:32 pm

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The valentine's Blog

I know this is coming a day late (or two) but I wanted to put up this Valentine's Blog, because I couldn't on the day of. I vacated my room so my roommate could spend his V-day with his girl, and have no interruptions on any of his plans.

It's occured to me that I've never had a girlfriend on Valentine's. I've started relationships the day of or the day after... I've even ended relationships the day before (another story) but for 21 years and counting I've been single on Feb 14th. This doens't mean I have never celebrated the day. I've usually given gifts, making people feel better, just a friend who I may or may not have been romantically interested in. This year has brought an end to that streak. The first year I did nothing for Valentines. TBD... I should sleep and I may be keeping said roommate up.

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