Blame It On The Moon and Jupitier Conjunction  

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8/20/2006 8:18 pm
Blame It On The Moon and Jupitier Conjunction


Star: Ahhh! My Favorite Poet. Good Evening! inspiring thoughts of LOVE!!!!! does it exist? Fall in Love with PASSION!!!! Dare to take that leap of faith by jumping over that broom to the other side of the void where deep fulfillment comes though the realization that Love is a reality by Tennyson.

Barrister: oh mother nurse me now - soffocate me in your bosom

Star: Speak not! Whisper Not I know all that you would tell but to speak now would break the spell by Milton

Star: will you read poetry to me

Barrister: as i put you to my breasts, i will read shakespear to my princess and fondle her while she is in deep rapture really now my mother you will nurse me, hold me to your big bosom and cuddle and mother me

Star: Mr. Jupiter Man! My wild fantasy - Never to be my Reality. He thinks I'm below his station - He has more education - He thinks I'm White Trash - I ain't White Trash - I'm Black Feet Indian Passion. by Keats not really but........ BRB I need some Java

Barrister: oh mother let me see you too
hello mother.


Star: Sorry Darling! I was getting coffee. I am really smart. I made coffee and didn't plug it in
Soft Hour which makes the wish and melts the heart of those who sail the sea the first day by Lord Byron.

Barrister: let me c u too yes i am your daddy

Star: I had a dream that I was driving to your house

Barrister: let me look upon your bosom and weep for it. show daddy

Star: I went past the mountain and through the forest on the road to your house. There was a beach. Dang a beach in West Virginia. I went back home and picked up my dog. We spent a marvelous day at the beach in West Virginia. Ferlin fell in love with a Scottie and a Poodle. .

come nurse me to sleep tonight be my serenity prayer chanting mummy mummy mummy

Star: if daddy aint happy aint nobody happy. better make daddy happy all the time by Silver Ravenwolf

Barrister: i must go now see you later ok

Star: No Problem. I have charts to work on anyway. good nite. I have an astrology chat room going on right now. Namste!


Starts a Horary Chart: Is the Barrister A Love Connection - Do I really need a chart to answer the one.

I Love the Stars too fondly to ever be fearful of the Night by Galileo

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