A closer look...  

SecretKeeperr 49F
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4/22/2005 1:07 am

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9/15/2007 10:07 pm

A closer look...

The answer to most curiosities are not nearly as important as asking the right questions. In most cases, it is my opinion, we generally know, or sense what the answer will be, even if we are denied it completely. Therefore, it is far more important to ask the right questions that open doors which will allow a closer look of that which we seek. For me, that would be profoundly sensual, naked and vulnerable intimacy, from the inside out.

What type of questions would you ask hoping to get a closer look to that which you seek?

smartnfun1961 56M
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12/7/2005 3:49 pm

Questions, a philosopher of the 20th century pointed out, always make assumptions. If the assumptions are wrong, the question - and its answer - is amiss.

My question would be: When you look deep inside yourself, when you stare at your soul as though in mediation, seeking the most basic, true, real, knowledge of yourself, what are the desires that fire your soul? I don't mean here mundane desires, like what kind of coffee you want to drink or what shoes you like. I'm talking about the lurking, driving, deep-seated desires that push to do things when we don't even know why; they push us, for example, to find that lover who satisfies more deeply than any before; who touches us in places, not just ways, than none has before.

Then, I would ask: Do you have a lover you can share these desires with? Because, you see, the self-knowledge I am talking about is that of a person who is so balanced between body and mind that finding, and having, a soul-mate means someone who not only can appreciate and value your mental abilities and uniqueness, but can also bring your body to the highest state of arousal and pleasure - over and over and over.

In fact, in my book, when lovers can share completely both aspects of their souls, you have the greatest sex possible.

SecretKeeperr 49F
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12/7/2005 11:01 pm

Hmmmm... (<<<----Meditating) ::grins::

Without editing for the purpose of appearing rational, I will offer the raw, unedited, immediate first thoughts that came to mind while meditating your questions.

1. What are the desires that fire my soul?

There is a bridge and a barrier. There is understanding beyond self knowledge. There is the risk of disassembling for the hope of becomeing united. There is resistance and acceptance. There is exposure and that which is hidden. There is an easy way and the hard way. There is music that resonates life; silence accomanies in harmonious flow. There is confidence and doubt. There is fear and there is faith.

Connection beyond the superficial, union beyond just the physical, exploring the minute and discovering the profound. The moments of Ahh. Letting go enough to become one in unison with another, a people, a culture, a socieity, to know such as these from the inside out; without limited vision, assumptions,projection, expectation, or fantasy. To be known.

2. "Do you have a lover with whom you can share these desires with?"

My journey is not over...

smartnfun1961 56M
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12/8/2005 5:09 am

Plato, too, struggled to characterized the ascent of the soul as it reached its final, perfect, vision. I'm struck by how you characterize the ascent of the soul with opposites (resistance:acceptance, exposure:hidden, music:silence, fear:faith).

But I absolutely love that second paragraph: connection beyond the superficial, union beyond the physical, exploring the minute to discover the profound. Speechlessness. Release. Unision. Unlimited vision. Knowledge. To be known. [Ed. comment: Sigh. Longing. Desire.]

Yes, Secret Keeperr. Yes, indeed. That is what I want, too. You may not believe how much I want that.

My journey? It's not over, either. It's just gone into stage two.

But I have to say that in walking this lonely road, I suddenly feel as though I have been joined unexpectedly by a fellow pilgrim.

Welcome. Nice to have you here. . .

SecretKeeperr 49F
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12/13/2005 1:47 am

I am suspicious my friend, for your colors shine brightly. Do they fade and drop as the snow flutters to the ground? Does this mean that you pretend? No. It means that I am imaginatively reaonable. Suspiciously, hopeful. Warmed by your brilliant light, and preparing for the cold.

Kindred spirit, soulmate.... these are words I'd have to look up again (said sarcastically, with a sadened desire). I remember when I truely believed in more. You've made me wonder.. is the second stage better then the one before?

Tell me of how your heart was broken.....

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