She gave me a great surprise !!  

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11/28/2005 10:14 am

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She gave me a great surprise !!

It was late Friday night and she was still not home from work. She had told me in the morning she might work late, so I was not alarmed. The phone rang and it was my wife, she told me she had a surprise for me to night. I ask what the surprise was and she just said, when you hear me drive up, just go and hide in the walkin closet and wait until she says to come out.
I questioned the instructions. She would only tell me that it would be a "GREAT" surprise.
Finally I heard a car drive up and then a second car. I wanted to look out the window to see who was with her, but I just went into the walkin closet in our master bedroom as instructed.
I could see thru the panels, I had a clear view of our bed. I heard voices when she came into the house. It sounded like a male and female voice with her. They where laughing and joking about having a hot night! I felt a rush in my pants, as I could also hear what sounded like cloths being taken off. They made committs about each other's body. I heard my wife say "Wow, it's realy big !". Then I heard her say next "Nice tits! Nice pussy!"
I was getting very hard by now.
Next I heard them coming into our bedroom, I finally got a view of who was with her. My wife was leading him, her hand on his big hard cock, pulling him toward the bed. The woman was right behind with one hand cupping her small perky tits, and the other hand playing with her pussy. They all jumped onto the bed and started a non stop oral fest. My wife was sucking his thick long hard cock while she was sitting on his wife's face. They went on and on, sucking and licking, just trading places every so often. Then my wife got her face between the other females legs while the male fucked her doggie style hard and fast. I could tell that my wife was cumming hard, she loves to get fucked that way. She cum hard over and over and the other woman also started cumming wildly from my wife tounge giving her non stop licking of her clit. I was was trying to be as quite as possible. I was breathing very fast and my stroking my cock even faster, I could even smell the sex they where having. I was about to shoot off.
Then I heard him say, "When is your hubby going to show up? I am really looking forward to being with him while you and my wife eat each other until you can't cum any more."
I damn near shoot off a hot load all over the close door. I could not believe what I had heard. Then my wife shouted out, "Are you ready to come out and play with us, or have you cum already? "
I did not need any coaching to come out. I jump out with my hard cock in hand. We had long hot nasty wet sex all night with them. We got into every possible positon that 4 people could get into. There was foursomes, threesomes, and twosomes !! The air was thick with the smell of hot wet nasty sex. The bed was drenched with cum form four people. At times the two of us guys needed a break to recupe our spent cocks, so we kicked back and watch the two girls. What a show!! They even brought out toys and gave us guys a hot show until our cocks got hard again.
Wow, what a "great" surprise, a bi couple !!
This is just one of the many things why I love my wife !!!
She is always thinking of ways to surprise me.
Now for the big question.
How do I top that?

brightside007 48M

6/16/2008 5:42 am

great story - would have loved to be on that bed as well sucking and licking !!!!!

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