Back to School...  

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2/24/2006 3:15 am

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4/17/2006 2:50 pm

Back to School...

I decided when i was 39 to become a substiute teacher...nothing better to dew,so I thought wat da hell.First day was great,I noticed this really hott teacher whos class was juss down the hall...He was very attractive,and I was so shy.

The second week I was Teaching ,I arrived alittle early to get things in order,I wanted to grab me a cup of coffee so off I went...Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and bumped into this sexy man,spilling hot coffee on us both..He said Oh my are ya ok lady?...I was red in da face...wanting to kiss him so bad...I swallowed the knot in my throat and said..uhhhh yep,but im sorry for ur coffee,and ur shirt...pls come in the Lounge and ill try to clean the stain off...

we stepped into the Teachers lounge,and I said im so sorry...he smiled and said no problem Mrs.?...I replied oh no juss not married...He had this almost evil grinn appear on those lips I wanted to kiss so badly..He removed his shirt,and I could not belive my eyes.Very sexy I thought..I felt the blood rushing to my face as I washed the spot from his shirt...He asked one question after another,me being a smart ass asked damn are ya writing a book?...He laughed and said well maybe I am pretty lady.I told him well kiss my ass and make it a love story...

I never looked up till I herd a click..I turned and he had locked the door,OMG I thought here I am locked in the Lounge with this man I find so attractive...and hes wearing a wedding ring!!!..He walked slowly toward me smiling,and saying ok pretty lady you asked for eyes widened as he came ever so close to me,I felt my heart begin to pound,He took his finger and traced my lips and said to me...Ive had my eye on you lady for a week now...juss wondering wat those lips would feel like..I put my hand on his and said well kiss me and see for urself..our lips met and wild passion ran thru me like wildfire....

He backed me against the counter,and set me up on it...his breathing was as heavy as mine..his hands were under my skirt before I knew it....I spread my legs and he stopped...FUCKING AAAA I KNEW YA DIDNT WEAR PANTIES!!!!!...I just smiled..and he went to his knees and burried his face in my snatch..licking me as if I was a popscile and he was a young boy on a hot summer day...not wanting to miss on drop....I thought I was going to lose my breath..He spread my lips and looked up at me and with a sweet voice he said ...mmmmm lady this is the sweetest thing ive had in yrs....I told him to enjoy but hurry remember we are in the Lounge...He said Oh ima make you cum before I unlock the damn door.I didnt realize he wanted me this way...I thought he juss was being nice when he spoke to me and smiled in the halls..His tounge felt so good on my clit I could barely hold my composure...I begged him to fuck me there on the counter...he stood up...I unbuttoned his pants to find his cock very hard...I took it in my hands and looked him in his eyes...I must have this,I said in a whoreish voice ...I dropped to my knees,looking up at him...I ran my nose from the tip of his cock...all the way to its base...then back again...when I reached the head I opened my mouth and took every thick inch deep into my throat...He grabed my hair and began to work his hips against my face...He said oh yesssss let me fuck ur pretty face lady...and I felt his cock sweel even more...I wanted to feel this man deep inside my after a few more mins I backed off his hardness...stood up...pulled my skirt up and bent over the counter...I demanded him to fuck me like I wanted and needed to be fucked...He came behind me,,,rubbed his hands across both my cheeks and smacked my ass hard...I was looking back at him...and once again I said ..FUCK ME NOW GODDAMNIT!!!..He slowly entered my sweetness...and within a few mins was fucking the shit out of me...He pulled my head back,and smacked my ass again...this made me so fucking excited that I felt I would soon cum....we watched in the mirror as we fucked eachother as if we had done this already....he pumped in and out of I rolled my hips against him....I told him I wanted him to fill me with his hot liquid....he said Oh im going to lady...we got faster with our movements...until we both exploded at the same time...and we quivered like freezing dogs....oh...oh...that was so fucking hot he said...he stayed in me till his member slowly became limp and exited my body...he spun me around kissed me deeply and said.."Wanna Grab A Cup Coffee"...I smiled and said Ill never look at this Lounge the same again...and we laughed...he put his shirt stain still intact...and we went on with our day...Oh will we ever experince this again....only the coffee machine really knows...*smiling*

I wrote this for a female friend...she asked me not to post it here juss incase her yahoo fella is a member of the fucking sex site...but I juss had to...damn this would be hot...dont ya think?...hahahah

rm_nydude5 62M

2/25/2006 12:01 pm

I wish I had you working when I worked in school. You make me very horny.

WolfXavier 42M
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3/4/2006 4:54 pm

*Thunderous Applause!!!*

SeaMist1966 51F

3/5/2006 5:51 pm

Thnxs Fellas...dude watch them horns...ya ever herd the phrase "Taking the BUll by the horns"...*wink*

Wolf gracious bow...I got more where that came from..*wink*

oralpleezeru2 54M

4/17/2006 9:47 am

Hmmmmmm, wish I was a teacher!

SeaMist1966 51F

4/17/2006 2:50 pm

hummmmm...I thought you were a teacher oralpleezeru2

well hell ya wanna have coffee??

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