Cyber Sex Good or Bad?  

Scottyboy2087 51M
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10/17/2005 9:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Cyber Sex Good or Bad?

How do you rate cyber sex? I have tried it, found it interesting, but have never really enjoyed it. I think the problem is that you can’t really tell what the other person is feeling.

You can’t really take it in turns, it not like talking on the phone, you have to use your hands to type, and that takes them away from the job at hand.

So you type away, hoping the other person is enjoying your cyber licks, slaps and kisses, your imagination is going wild, and the typing gets faster and more furious. Hopefully they are getting it, you get the odd “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, or oooooooooooooo”, so things are going well, but you just can’t tell.

When do you finish? Have they cum? Your hand hurts from typing so fast, your brain is in overdrive, finally you bring it all to a conclusion, they tell you that they came, but then they have to go, do something else.

Is this revenge, for all us men who fall asleep straight after sex? I’m sitting in front of a blank screen feeling horny as hell, and they have gone. Not very satisfying, especially as you can’t really tell whether they have enjoyed the past 30 minutes.

Alternatively your partner goes first, you get all hot, you’re getting into it, but I don’t which tension is the greatest, the sexual tension you are building or waiting for the next line of text to appear. If it’s to slow the sexual tension is lost.

Either way how do you rate it, or am I just doing it wrong?

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