The week in review...  

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9/9/2006 1:44 pm

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The week in review...

It’s been an interesting week.

Monday i worked instead of taking the day off. I was the only one in the office and SM was working the retail floor. I took some time off during the day for a noon-time date with a friend i met on AdultFriendFinder. I had a good time.

Tuesday , I ran a 3 hour wild goose chase looking for my son.
I left work an hour early to attend his football game. The game was supposed to be at on the other side of town at Webster. I get there and the place is deserted. After waiting about 20 minutes, security informs me that the game got moved to Rogers High School, back in central Tulsa. So I go there. After paying admission to the game, I look around and can’t find my son anywhere. So I ask one of his coaches where he is. They inform me that he never made it onto the bus. Another coach informs me that S-Jr should be on the sidelines due to his shoulder injury. The third coach informs me that S-Jr is back at East Central watching the Varsity team practice. So I leave and head back to EC. When I arrive there, the place is emptying out, apparently two other high schools were using the stadium and that game just let out. I fight my way through the crowds looking for my son. He’s nowhere to be seen. I ask one of the security guards where the EC football coach is, and then send me to the locker room. It’s deserted.
Upon arriving home, I find my son there playing on his computer. He gets an ass-chewing for not calling me and letting me know where he was.

Wednesday, my son is attending a belly dance demonstration being put on by one of his friend’s dance group. Lucky guy! Anyway , he cleared going with me the day before, however we never discussed when it would end. I was left with the impression he would be home at a reasonable time. 9 Pm comes around, he’s not home. Then it’s 10, no show, no call. 11 comes and goes, now I’m getting rather annoyed. By midnight I’m bouncing for the between worried and pissed off. At 1 AM I call the police to report him missing.
My son comes in just before1:30 while the officer is still there taking the report. He explains that his friends mother runs the dance studio and had to stay late to clean up. I find that all well and good, but it is absolutely not an excuse for not calling. I inform him he is grounded for 1 week for every half hour past 10 that he didn’t call. This means 6 weeks. Yes, he misses the state fair, perhaps next time he will call.

Thursday’s drama was the forklift at work, it quit running about 30 minutes before closing, leaving us with some rather difficult work ahead in getting everything out of the yard before we closed for the night. We got it running Friday morning just in time for it to be needed for loading and unloading several trucks. I've also reached the boiling point with one of my employees who isn’t happy with the raise she received and is not pulling her weight around the shop in protest.

Friday. I spent most of the day dealing with paperwork and customer issues, filing claims for damaged shipments, and other such mundane tasks. It seemed every 15 seconds the phone would ring and it was someone else with either a dumb question or a problem caused by their own stupidity. Halfway through the workday I was wishing I had a bottle of Jack Daniels in my desk. I also kept checking up on my problem child employee, she wasn’t making any significant progress in handling her workload.
I reassigned two employees from another area to take care of her workload and called problem-child into my office for a long discussion of her future with the company.

She started out telling me how she had received job offers with other places that were offering much higher pay. I told her “go for it, don’t let your loyalty to this company hold you back. I’ll provide you a good reference”. She then switched gears to “I really love working here, and you’re a good boss, and blah, blah, blah, blah…” That’s when I pounced! I told her flat out “well if you want to keep working here, you’re going to have to bring our performance up to the levels they were at before the raise was granted. Not only I, but several of your coworkers have noticed a drastic decrease in your performance. It’s unfair for you to goof off all day then have others rush in the final hours to get your stuff covered so we can close. I won’t have it anymore. Laziness is a disease that spreads rapidly through the workforce unless it’s kept in check. With your being the source, the simple solution is for you to be removed. I hate firing people, but it will only cost me 2 days production if I have to train a new person to do your job. As it is right now, I’m only getting 2 days of production out of you in a 5 day period.”
She started to cry. I hate that crap. I said “consider this your final notice, I’m going to be watching you like a hawk next week, and if I don’t like what I see, I will be letting you go. Depending on when and how that works out, you may not finish out the day or week. Now get out of my office and go finish the yard “

Friday evening comes around and I head home to relax and escape from the stress of the day. I sit down and play Realm for a while as I unwind , when two of my good buddies show up and are discussing going out for dinner. We bounce around several idea including Golden Corral, a Chinese buffet, The buffet at the casino, a couple of Italian restaurants. The only thing we could agree one was no Mexican food. The choices got narrowed down to either the buffet at the casino or Gaucho’s which is a Brazilian Steakhouse that is all-you-can-eat. My friends were kind of reluctant at the idea of it being a $30 per person charge. But I pointed out “what would we loose walking through the casino to the buffet ? “

So we went, and we were glad we did. It was incredible. The wait staff was all attractive and attentive. The d├ęcor was very nice but not so nice as to make you uncomfortable. We were all dressed casually, and didn’t feel like a bunch of bums. The way the place worked was a rather interesting concept as well.

Basically after they seat you and get your drinks, you go to their salad bar. This isn’t your typical lettuce and tomato salad bar. It’s pretty high end. With palm hearts, shrimp salad, a filet mignon salad, tabouli,, lots of fresh fruit and other good stuff. Also on the hot bar they offer salmon, red beans and rice, and wild rice. After you load your plate from the salad bar, they then start bringing the meat. It’s roasted on a skewer and cut off the skewer at your table. Every time I looked up they had something different being offered. Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin, Pork Sausage, Pork Roast, Lamb, roasted pineapple… it just kept coming and coming. I swear I must have eaten 3-4 pounds of meat. We kept joking that the cardiologists in Tulsa are probably the financial backers of this restaurant.

I had a blast. My only minor complaint was that some of the meat was a little dry, but considering how it’s cooked and served, that’s to be expected, especially if you’re getting a piece from the outside of the slab instead of the inside.

I think this would make a great date resturant as long as the woman isn't shy about eating her fill. I'd be rather put out by someone who was self conscious and only ate half a plate. It's not an inexpensive place to go for dinner. And it's flat priced like most buffets.

They also had a very well stocked bar with a good wine selection. And the desserts they severed were also top notch. I chuckled when i heard a patron say "i only see deserts like this in magazines"

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