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Scott's Great Escape

Generally speaking those who know me will tell you I’m the guy you want in the middle of any crisis. The more stressful things get, the clearer headed i am. I handle triage well. I look at a situation, separate the important issues from the bullshit and deal with what needs dealt with. I am the rock in the storm. I've been self-sufficient for a long time. Having lost all my elder family members before hitting the age of 30. I work a 60 hour week, managed to have kept my teenage son away from most of the pitfalls that many teenagers succumb to. I usually only require 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I don't have any addictions other then nicotine and caffeine. I consider myself fortunate that I am made of sterner stuff then most mortal men. I don't have a high paying job, but i do make enough to gas up my car, pay my mortgage, and keep my utilities on and my kitchen stocked. And somehow i still manage to maintain a moderate amount of discretionary income.

However by last Friday, it had all caught up to me. The lack of sex, intense pressure from work, dealing with my son, drama overload from some of my friend's issues, all of it! I needed a break.

I was chatting online with a couple of women, all of whom either had something else going on, or simply weren't available for any weekend fun.

Then an ex-girlfriend of mine logged and was complaining that her boyfriend wanted to go hang out with his buddies at the lake all Memorial Day weekend. I suggested that instead she should go with me to Oklahoma City; I wanted to spend a day exploring Bricktown.

Tulsa is about 120 miles from Oklahoma City , which makes it a 1.5 to 2 hour drive.
Bricktown is in one of the oldest sections of Downtown Oklahoma City. About 10 years ago they decided to revitalize the area by turning it into a tourist and recreation area. They passed an additional penny sales tax and collected it for 5 years. This funded the project. They took a several block area populated with large warehouses built in the early 1900s and ripped out the street. They dug down one story to the basements of the buildings and dug even deeper to put a canal running through the area. They then put a sidewalk at the lower level and one at what was the street level. They then began rehabbing the buildings and leasing space to clubs, bars, restaurants, etc.

They built a Movie Theatre, a AAA League Baseball Park, Toby Keith's restaurant is there. They're building a hotel and a condominium there as well. A 2 bedroom unit will run about 300k. The lower levels of said condo will have a bowling alley , the second level will be stores and restaurants, with the remaining levels being residential space. It's even supposed to have a swimming pool on the roof. They have boat rides up and down the canal. The photo with this entry should give you some idea of what it looks like, but if you want to know more, do some searching on the 'net. It's a fun place.

Anyway, D makes it to my place rather late Friday night, we have a few drinks and head to bed. Saturday morning comes and we throw some clothes into an overnight bag and grab some breakfast in town before hitting the road.

We get to Bricktown before lunch. We watch a movie at the theatre, then grab some lunch at Stumpy's Hamburgers. This is a better then average burger place. Kind of like Goldie’s . Then it's time to go bar hopping. We go to Jake's Bar (or is it Jack's Bar? ) and have a few drinks. Next we go to the Biting Sow which is a blues bar. The band hasn't set up yet so we only have a drink then leave. Next we wander to another building that has a tattoo shop. We both decline getting inked. A couple of doors down from there is a Cigar bar. We go in. D has a vanilla flavored cigar and a rum and coke, i get a Cohiba and a Scotch on the rocks. The other drinks have caught up to me now, and the relaxation from the cigar all work together, I'm finally feeling stress free.

We then get tickets for the boat ride. At $6.50 per person for an all day pass, it's a petty good deal, or so we thought. Later we find out it's an even better deal. We rid e the boat up and down the canal a few times, making note of other places we want to see.

We get off at a 3-D haunted house ride, pay our admission and go in. I wasn't all that impressed. Perhaps if I was either stoned or 27 years younger, it would have been a lot more fun. The artwork was great. The special effects were neat, but i couldn't accomplish the suspension of disbelief that makes a spook house scary.

We checked out some of the souvenir shops. We didn't find anything we liked, so we hit another bar. This time we went to Coaches. It's a sports bar and Grill built into the Baseball Stadium. There was a football game on, it was University of Oklahoma versus someone. This also explained why half the people walking around were wearing OU shirts.

We got back on the boat and got off at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill, which i considered an overpriced monument to white trash. $9 Hamburgers and "redneck love seats" (mock tailgate of a 57 Chevy that folds down to a bench) told the tale pretty quickly. Most of the entrees were served in plastic baskets with wax paper and looked like your typical mid-America-greasy-spoon-diner fare. I was told by some others later that the higher end stuff on the menu was done right, like the $35 rib eye and the prime rib, as well as the rotisserie chicken. But stay away from the bologna sandwich, the meatloaf, or the chicken fried steak.
I had a crown on the rocks for $7, they charged D $4 for a bottle of beer. We kept the paper menus as proof we were there and headed on.

By now we are getting hungry for dinner, so it's back on the boat (so much more fun then walking) and we go to Bourbon Street Cafe. I had the seafood pasta, D had the rib eye. it was excellent!

After we finish dinner we notice one of the boats is setting up a bar in the forward section. We go and ask about this, they explain that it's the Cocktail Cruise. We wait about 15 minutes for them to finish and we board. There’s no additional charge for this boat ride, but the drinks are slightly higher priced. We spend about an hour riding and drinking.

Our next stop was the Skyy Bar, this is a piano lounge, and cigar bar. The place looked like an upscale club like you would see in New York, I've never seen any bars or clubs that look like this in Oklahoma before. It too was pricey, but well worth the experience.

After leaving the Skyy Bar,we got back onto the booze cruise and rode around some more. d complained she was cold, so i jumped off at the next spot claiming i needed a bathroom break. I ran into the souvenir shop and bought a Bricktown t-shirt, quickly went into the bathroom to change, and went back to the boat giving her the button up shirt i was originally wearing.

We spent the rest of the evening on the booze cruise riding the canal, raising our drinks to toast the other boats and telling them all "you're on the wrong boat" as they didn't have a bar on their boat.

Finally after they started closing down, we went to the hotel, went to bed and went back to Tulsa the next day.

3 days after (2 at work) i still feel like a new man, that mini-vacation was just what the doctor ordered.

"We are all worms, but i like to think of myself as a glow-worm" - Winston Churchill

BiortValkyrie 44F

9/19/2006 7:27 pm

Sounds like fun to me! =)

Scott_in_Tulsa replies on 9/19/2006 8:01 pm:
you should know! you were there! thank you for a wonderful time babe! By the way , when did you sneak onto AdultFriendFinder ?

::laughing:: it just goes to show, be careful what you write in your blog, you never know who may come along and read it

lifeisablast333 55M

9/7/2006 7:04 pm

Brick Town is pretty cool, there are some cool resturants in that area also, we like to go every few months, just to eat drink and be marry.......the Redneck

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