If it wasn't for bad luck....  

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8/25/2006 7:57 am
If it wasn't for bad luck....

Anyone remember the song from Hee-Haw ? The one they used to play every episode. It went something like this:

Where o' where were you last night ?
Why did you leave me here all alone ?
I searched the world over and thought i found true love.
You met another and pbbbbt you were gone!

One of the lines in that song say "if it wasn't for bad luck, i'd have no luck at all"

That about sums up my current love life.

J and i are still apart. P has expressed interest in hooking up, but she’s wrapped up with another guy she is seeing. Another woman named J, who I met at the Trek convention, informs me that she’s currently involved as well.

A third woman named J that I’m talking to might be fun, but she also has some very deep rooted issues that cause me concern. Another woman who’s name also starts with J sounds promising, but she lives almost an hour away from Tulsa.

Maybe I should start numbering all these Js. J1, J2, J3 etc.

I can almost see the fight that happens when one of them read this blog “no baby, you’re J2, not J3, J3 is that other crazy bitch”

So as of right now, I’m completely striking out.

On the flip side, this bad luck in love has translated to good luck at gambling. The past two times I’ve gone to the casino, I’ve come out a couple hundred dollars richer then when I walked in. I also won $100 on a scratch off lottery card.

On a sad note, I’ve had to boycott one of my favorite bars. Let me explain.

In Oklahoma, gambling is still considered mostly illegal. Video slot machines are allowed in Indian Casinos as they are based on bingo. You’re not actually playing slots, but instead it’s bingo with the slot symbols indicating how the game went for you.

Other places skirt the law by wrapping the slot game around a product. When you put in your money, you are buying a prepaid phone card, the slot game is a freebie with the phone card purchase.

Bars and restaurants have a sign on their slot machines that say they are for amusement purposes only. However if you know the bar owner and staff, they will pay out on your wins.

This is the case at several bars I go to. I’m known as a regular slot player. I’ll usually drop by and run through $20 after work. Maybe more if I’m feeling lucky or if I just got paid. Sometimes I come out ahead, sometimes I don’t..

One bar I play at, I recently ran the machine up to $35. It took me $20 to do this. When I informed the bartender that I wish to cash out, the bartender said “sorry sir, these games are for amusement only”. I was not happy hearing that. I suggested he call the bar owner and verify that is the position they really wish to take. I also instructed the bartender to let the bar owner know it was me and to describe me. The bartender spends a few minutes on the phone and comes back and says “sorry sir, the owner has told me to tell you that it’s illegal to pay out on these machines and if you insist on getting paid, we will have to ask you to leave”. I left..

I went across the street to another bar I like and played there. They had no problem paying out on $50 I won. I told the owner what had happened across the street and the bar owner was shocked at the poor judgment displayed by the other bar owner. To save $15, they cost themselves a $100 plus a week customer. Plus once word gets out that they pull that kind of crap, other slot players will stop going there as well.

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