How Star Trek Got Me Laid (Part 2)  

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How Star Trek Got Me Laid (Part 2)

As stated in part 1, i'm a die hard Star Trek fan. I go to conventions, collect autographs and toys and memorabilia. My collection is enormous. Ask me about it, i love showing it off. It's been a running joke that the first woman to see my collection and say something along the lines of "oooh my gawd!" is probably destined to be my wife.

Another activity i enjoy is participating in an online star trek role playing group. There are many of them out there, some better then others. The one i am involved with is based on living and serving in the klingon fleet. As part of this, you have to learn a great deal about klingon culture and language.

Basicly you create a character that most Klingons simply would not kill on sight. Romulans are a bad choice for this reason.

I came up with a character who was half Ferengi and half klingon ( took a convoluted storyline and an act of Q to make it happen).

So not only did i have to be an expert on klingon culture, i had to know Ferengi culture too.

You then join a ship (scheduled role play time) and serve as crew ( participate in the storyline )

You rise up through the ranks through improving your role play skill , steady attendance and sometimes through the assassination of a higher ranking officer.

Poor role play skill would be something along these lines..say you are in a bat'leth (sword) fight with another player.

:: stabs other guy ::

Better to average would look something like this:

::waits for the proper opening and lunges directly at his opponents chest ::

Good role playing not only acknowledges the opponents action but includes your response to his action, like this

:: ducking low to avoid his opponents swing to his head, he then lunges forward with the tip of his bat'leth aimed at his opponents chest ::

The group i am involved with is one of the longer running ones and is considered to be among the elite of star trek role players.

Anyway , after joining this group , i met another character who i shall call Z. Z played a bajoran who had joined the klingon fleet.

She and i met while my character was still very young and low ranked. There was an immediate rapport between her and I. We role played off each other very well.

As time passed, we got to know each other both as characters and the humans behind the characters.
She's 21 , while i'm 34. She's bisexual , but hadn't been in a relationship for over a year as most guys just want some pussy, and she was looking for friendship first.

One day while role playing in the fleet bar, she and i were flirting heavily in character. So i decided to see just how far i could take it.

Klingons have a very specific mating ritual.

(keep in mind this is all done in cyberspace)

It starts out with the male bragging about his glorious deeds in battle. Then progresses to him reciting love poetry to her (usually bad corny poetry). If she's not interested, she will either leave, or kill him on the spot. She did neither. But as the poetry started getting progressively worse, she began to throw things at him, beer mugs, chairs, whatever else was handy and non-lethal. This signals her acceptance of him as a suitor. Finally she leaped off a table and tackled me. Biting me on the cheek. (which means she's hot and ready)We wrestle around biting and head butting each other until our clothes get torn and cut off. The bartender (another player) had us beamed to another room (polite way of letting us know to take it private ). We then proceeded to ravish each other.

The relationship continues. After a few months of this we both become extremely fond of each other both in character and out of character. Finally i ask her to marry me (in character). She agrees. Plans are made, invitations are sent out, we both study how a klingon wedding is held.

It was a beautiful ceremony .

While we were on our cyber honeymoon i suggested to her that she come visit me for a real life honeymoon. She was somewhat resistant , till i started telling her about what i had planned. Luxurious hotel suite, limo ride from the airport, and tons of great sex.

She'd fly in Friday night and leave sunday evening. I also explained that when she arrived, if things weren't to her comfort, i would be perfectly content to be a gentleman. (i was lying, i'd be a gentleman, but i wouldn't be happy about it !)

Anyway, i picked her up at the airport with the limo, we went to the hotel to check in and then left for a wonderful diner at one of Tulsa's finer italian restaurants. Dinner was pleasant and after a drink or two she started to unwind.

We went back to the hotel room and started kissing. As things heated up, she suddenly hit the brakes. "I'm not really comfortable with this" she said. I frowned and said "as promised, that's your call."

So we turned out the lights and prepared for sleep. In order to reduce my own temptation, i laid with my back towards her. After a brief while she started kissing me on the back of my neck. I turned around and said "i thought we weren't going there !"

She gave a smile and said "i changed my mind. The fact that you didn't push the issue won you more brownie points then you can imagine"

I said "brownie points...where do i redeem those ?"

She smiled and moved her face closer to mine and said "right here"

Things progressed, the rest of our clothing came off and I started playing with her pussy, which was extremely warm and wet. As i rubbed her clit she started to orgasm, and suddenly she started squirting pussy juice all over the place! I was in shock! I found a gusher! I immediately changed positions to start eating her pussy. It didn't take me long to figure exactly how she liked to have her pussy ate. Time and time again, she'd gush, My face, my hair and the sheets were soaked, but i was in heaven ! I swear i must have ate her pussy for 3 hours! Finally she begged me to quit as she felt like I was being neglected. I suspect her whole body was probably numb by now too. She then had me lay on my back and gave me an exquisite blow job. The woman has incredible talent! After she got me off we took a break and just held each other. She reached down and started stroking my cock, which came back to life rather quickly. Knowing from previous conversations that i prefer the woman on top , she climbed up and straddled me. If was exquisite. She was so incredibly tight and wet, it was unbelievable. We fucked like this for a few minutes and then she said "let's try something i read about".

She kicked her legs forward so that i could hold her thighs just under her knees. This new position allowed even deeper penetration, i swear i must have sunk my cock another 2 inches into her. We started with a slow rhythm which quickly increased in tempo. The sight of pleasure on her face, the moans , and the gushing of pussy juice coating my crotch soon had me ready for climax again. I told her to slow down. She said "like hell! i've cum more times then i can count and now it's your turn!"

So i relaxed as i was trying to hold back and erupted with an enormous orgasm.

we both collapsed and cuddled after-wards, quickly falling asleep.

We awoke a while later, showered together and returned to the bed to go at it again.

We never left that hotel room until it was time to take her to the airport. I can just imagine what housekeeping thought when they found the bed soaked like an overfilled sponge.

She and I still continue our online relationship, We attended the '05 Tulsa Trek Convention together as well. ( i'll tell you that story another time) I also have got us tickets to the '06 convention coming up in late june.

We've been discussing adding a third woman or perhaps a couple to the mix. But even if that don't happen, I know i'm in for an incredible time.

"We are all worms, but i like to think of myself as a glow-worm" - Winston Churchill

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