Great Sex..what is it worth ? or How much crap will Scott tolerate for great sex?  

Scott_in_Tulsa 46M
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5/28/2006 11:01 pm
Great Sex..what is it worth ? or How much crap will Scott tolerate for great sex?

It's just past 1am as I write this blog. I just got home from the bar feeling rather annoyed.

I worked a full day today, as i have been over the past week and a half, moving the shop is wearing me out. Anyway it was about 10:30 I get a call from P (as mentioned in "Scott's Busy Life") saying she is at a local bar and pool league has just ended. P is a highly skilled pool player and is very passionate about her game. Personally i do well not to rip the felt anytime i try to shoot a pool ball. I tolerate hanging out in bars and watching her play pool because she's a lot of fun to hang out with. Yeah yeah, let's cut the bullshit. The sex is incredible ! P rocks my world, we are extremely compatible sexually.

When P called, i was in the middle of a Star Trek Sim (see How Star Trek got me Laid Parts 1 & 2). So i tell her i will be there as soon as i finish. My original plan was to go straight to bed after the Sim. Anyway i arrive at the bar and she's watching her friend play. Her friend is cute, so watching her play is no great hardship. However I have to be up at 6 AM and am already tired from the workday. 12:30 rolls around and i whisper in P's ear "babe, i gotta get to bed soon or i'll fall over, you coming home with me ?"
She says "maybe, i have some stuff i gotta take care of". I tell her "just let yourself in" she says "ok" . So i sit there and watch the game for a few more minutes, until i catch myself yawning uncontrollably. I ask her to walk me to the car. She says "ok..wait , i want to watch this game" and i replied "well, let me know how it ends".

And i walk out and drive home. I keep asking myself on the way "so how much bullshit is that hot sex worth, Scott ?"

While i understand, that both she and i have no commitment, it's always been a personal rule that while i am with someone, i'm with them.

This means that when i'm with a woman at a bar ,a party or a restaurant, or on a date somewhere else, they are the center of the universe. I keep my looking at other women to a bare minimum. I don't hit on other women. I don't discuss anyone else i am seeing. If my date is uncomfortable, then it's time to go someplace else. I also think it's reasonable to expect the same behavior. Failure to do so tends to make me forget your phone number.

P doesn't seem to understand this concept, however i've heard from mutual friends of ours just how much she enjoys me treating her like a queen.

I guess the piss-me-off in this is that i'm being treated like a sex object of convenience, while i'm treating her like a queen. I should probably discuss this with her. I probably won't. I'll just put up with it till i reach the breaking point and then become unavailable.

Oh well, it's bedtime, tomorrow is a new day filled with the daily grind, a healthy dose of drama and visit to a sick friend in the hospital.

Maybe P will show up tonight, i'm betting she wont. We'll see. I'll blog about it again , i'm sure.

"We are all worms, but i like to think of myself as a glow-worm" - Winston Churchill

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