Christmas is upon us... May the grinch forever be gone!  

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12/24/2005 11:56 pm

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Christmas is upon us... May the grinch forever be gone!

Today at work, yes I had to work on Christmas Eve, my wife gave me a call and said that she came across a family that fell upon sudden and hard times.

The father lost his job a month ago, and things were getting very scarce. They have enough in savings to last a while, paying the bills anyway, but no money for presents for the kids.

This season I have come across many people with just rotten attitudes about the whole thing. I had already purchased a drum set for a six year old who no longer has his father. I felt especially great about this as I have been playing drums for 25 years, and this is what he wanted for christmas more than anything. I can just imagine his eyes when he opens up all those boxes in the morning! I assembled them and tested them to make sure they were perfect! I am so excited for him!

Anyway, back to this other family. The word had been put out, but because of so much anti-sentiment towards them because they had not sold all thier belongings first, or wouldn't take the crap that other people were throwing away, NO ONE.. and I mean NO ONE had given a single thing at all. Deplorable, and in this time of year, in this season! DEPLORABLE.

My wife told me of thier plight, and after work she and I hit the mall for the last hour of shopping. We got the list of what they wanted for christmas, and purchased an item for each of their six children, one item for the parents to share between them, and a box of fine chocolates for the family to share in the morning.

Now my wife and I are not rich by any means. However I had the opportunity to make a decision: I can buy a few hundred dollars of stuff to engraciate me just a little more, or I can bring a few smiles to people I do not even know.

I chose the latter. When we got there to drop off the presents all neatly wrapped up, there were just a few presents under the tree. The kids were so excited to see presents showing up, the little girls eyes just opened up so BIG! The little one gets a cabbage patch doll. You know how hard it is to find one on christmas eve!

The mother hugged my wife, and the father gave me a firm handshake and thanked me.

This was nearly the best christmas I have ever had. It ranks a close second. Maybe some day I will write about the best christmas I ever had. That is a whole different column!

Merry Christmas to all, regardless of your faith or persuasion. I do hope that you feel the warmth inside as my wife and I have this season.

Thank you for reading.



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