Am leaving you lovely people .....Autism the hidden epidemic  

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8/7/2006 1:45 pm

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Am leaving you lovely people .....Autism the hidden epidemic

Hello u lovely people. Well the time has come that after almost a year of messing about on this site I have decided to leave. As some of you may or may not know, my little boy has some severe problems he has Acquired Autism and Austic Enterocolitis (late onset/regressive - post MMR vaccine) and very demanding. I have had a tough time coming to terms with the impact of having a child with such demands. I have been on a journey of discovery about myself and coming to terms with what i have to do. Autism now affects 90,000 children in the UK alone. The impact this has on families is devasting. In USA its now 1 in 169 and now on the way to become 1 in every 100. N.B. Theere are many others who are not recognised and have a tough time struggling to cope with life.

For me I draw comfort from the fact that i am not alone and there are many others (parents) who share this pain and loss. To be honest for me personally this site was only ever an escape from the mundane reality that was my life, I was not looking to actually meet it was just something else to focus on. I mainly stayed in chat and along the way I made some very good friends. After all this site is a sort of escape from reality for everyone to a certain degree. Its part of modern life for us, we all seem to be searching for something.... Most of us dont even know what that is. Anyway I have made peace and come to a workable arrangement with my ex (the father of my children) and he will be moving back in with me to take care of my son. Basically we will both dedicate the rest of our lives to making my son's life as happy as possible. I have recently been through a crisis of self-realisation and through this site was able to share many thoughts and feelings with a particular online friend. I am not a martyr I am a mother, and am doing what I feel is right. In a way i am very lucky because i know what it is that I have to do - My son is a blessing in a disguise and has helped focus me to what is truly important - in short I have a purpose. I am the lucky one.

I cut and post some words taken from Testimony of Dr. Mary Norfleet Megson, Before the Government Reform Committee, U.S. House Of Representatives entitled:

"Autism ‒ Present Challenges, Future Needs ‒ Why the Increased Rates?"

I live in a small middle class neighborhood with twenty-three houses. I recently counted thirty children who live in this community who are on medication for ADHD. One week ago, my oldest son who is gifted but dyslexic had twelve neighborhood friends over for dinner. As I looked around the table, all of these children, but one had dilated pupils. After two and one half months of taking vitamin A and D in cod liver oil, my son announced, "I can read now. The letters don’t jump around on the page anymore." He is able to focus and his handwriting has improved dramatically. In his high school for college bound dyslexic students, 68 of 70 teenagers report seeing headlights with starbursts, a symptom of congenital stationary night blindness.

I think we are staring a disaster in the face that has affected thousands of Americans. The children with autism or dyslexia/ADHD are lucky. There are many other children not identified, just disconnected.

We must direct all of our resources and efforts to establish multidisciplinary centers to treat these children. Insurance companies should pay for evaluations, both medical and psychiatric, and treatment. These children are physically ill, immuno-suppressed with a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting multiple organ systems. Funding to look at etiology of autism, to identify children at risk prior to "autistic regression," and to prevent this disorder is imperative. Implementing vaccine policies that are safe for all children should become our first priority.

Mothers from all over the country have brought pictures of their autistic children to Washington this weekend. Most of these children were born normal and lost to "autistic regression." Look into their eyes and you will hear their silence.

Finally I would ask everyone to look around them, do u know of or have someone in your family with autism, adhd, dyslexia. It affects just about every family in the USA and prob UK too. We have swapped childhood diseases for lifelong conditions.

One of the worst parts of autism is the hurt you feel as a parent is the society sits in judgement of your childs behaviour. For this reason i try to avoid taking my son out because I invariable end up arguing. People Stare and tut, Autism/ADHD are hidden disabilities. If a child is screaming dont walk away and make snide remarks that child may well be one of the unlucky ones. People would not dare tell a person in a wheelchair to stop screaming because they can see the disability. With autism thats different this cannot be seen but boy can it be heard!!! Society's attitude keeps many autistic children and their families prisoners in their own homes.

Just remember for the parents and children they live with this 24/7 - if a kid is screaming and it hurts your ears u can choose to walk away. The parents and the child cant.

I am not asking for your pity but open your minds people. A whole generation of children are affected by this epidemic. Its a tragedy on a scale never before seen by mankind. And one thing for sure its definitely not progress.

Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Speech n language delay, learning difficulties, auto-immune, mutiple allergy are a terrible legacy!

If any of you people have any doubts about how autism can affect a family.

Blimey okay this was supposed to be a "goodbye all" note but its turning into a soapbox tirade! As you can guess i feel very strongly - and would ask that if you cant help practically you can open your minds and try to be more tolerant.

I will keep in contact with the many friends I have made. As for the "teets out, show pussi, ass" munters - GET A LIFE!!!!!

Anyway will see u in London Chatroom...

Scorps xx

RubyRedPetal 45F

8/7/2006 3:13 pm

good luck babes.

i have 3 autistic children, all in different places on the spectrum. They are very different but equally demanding just different ways. It was a cool link. x

* *

nudgerp 63M
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8/7/2006 3:39 pm

Scorps - anything I can do to help you know where I am xxx

Lord454 35

8/7/2006 4:03 pm

scorps you have been a good friend to me
and helped me out alot we have had some fun times
so i hope everything works out for you and i wish
you the best of luck with everything from the bottom
of my heart and if there is anything you need i
will be here to help so good luck to you and
thank you for the fun times lord 454

GB_Cple 67M/56F  
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8/7/2006 11:11 pm

Good luck to you all,

hope that the new arrangement works out for you.

you know where to find us if you need a chat, and I'm sure you will stay in touch with the real friends you have on messi

God bless

ScorpioBitch669 42F

8/8/2006 5:33 am

    Quoting RubyRedPetal:
    good luck babes.

    i have 3 autistic children, all in different places on the spectrum. They are very different but equally demanding just different ways. It was a cool link. x
3 - blimey I am struggling to cope with two. My daughter also has a PDD, fighting to get a diagnosis which acurrately refects her needs. Am glad u liked the link. I put it in to show people what its really like. Too many people have a view of autism as gifted/quirky individuals (rainmain.) Unfortantely for those at the bottom end of the spectrum this is far from the truth. One thing for sure my son is definitely not retarded. Its all there but the problems he has stops its from coming out - thats the most frustrating part of all, its almost like there is a solution and answer which is tantalising close but elusive. Good luck with your three too xxx

michaela200 53F

8/20/2006 3:59 pm

scorps over the few weeks ive got to know u ,what a lovely person u are,i know or i hope that i can call u my online friend now.
I didn't know this about your children till recently but all the best with it scorps and i can imagne how hard it is for u,so god bless and hope all goes well for you,
Your the sort of person who's on my wave length with your humour,would love to be your friend in the real world.
God bless to u scorps and your little boy and girl,

a girl that loves her pussy being eaten

rm_markybase 39M
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9/13/2006 1:39 pm

WOW scorpio leaving nah thats like christmas with no santa,batman without robin AdultFriendFinder without scorps(sobs).
I wish you all the best scorpio you are obviously a very strong and determined person so I know you will exceed in your journey you are undertaking.
Please do keep intouch from time to time and let us all know how you are.

Keep your chin up and have a great time with your kiddies.

_couple_candy 48M/48F

10/9/2006 1:20 am

i have two boys on the autistic spectrum, and i found your blog really interesting. autism is as individual as the child themselves, and it can often feel like you are trying to "crack a code". but when you crack it oh the joy!!! if you think me or my wife could assist you in anyway, please feel free to drop us a line. be glad 2 help

rm_ssexyamy90 31F
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12/5/2006 7:16 am


ScorpioBitch669 42F

12/5/2006 2:26 pm

errr not quite sure what u getting at here amy?

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