Borrowing a computor  

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7/10/2006 8:12 pm
Borrowing a computor

It's been a minute since I've been searching around AdultFriendFinder. I don't have acess to a computor. Presently I'm at a buddy of mines crib. Don't get to visit him often. Matter of fact. I'm house sitting at his place until Sun. He's out of town headed up North. Family issues to tend to. I'm glad to be sitting for him and watching is dog. The added benifit is. I get to go any where on-line.

I hope to have a computor of my own by years end. Got to fit it in the budget. Things kind of tight for ole boy now. Had some baby Mama drama last year. Ole boy handling what I got to do for my son. Just couldn't get along with his Mom any longer. So! I had to split. My boy is 3 son still very young. So he should adjust. I keep contact open with my boy. He's a champ. Handsome like his Pops.

Butch is now lying at my feet trying to lick my toes. Butch. Who still names there dog Butch? He's a good dog though. My partner has had Butch for a few years now. Part of his settlement from his Divorce. I like dogs and all, much better than I take to cats. However; I'd rather not a dog be licking on my toes. No! No! My feet are off limits for licks.

If any one is to do any licking of the toes. It would be me. Only done that twice. With the same Woman. She was a dimond in my life. So long ago. Well! I'd lick any part of her body. Morning, Noon or Night. She was my heart. She exspected more than I was able to give at the time. She's not my son's Mama. She came way before her. She was my High School Sweet heart. She's married and has 2 beautiful girls now. Her husband is able to give her what I wasn't. Losts of money. My heart still skips a beat for her. The rare times we cross pathes. Guess! I didn't have what it takes for her to survive.

Drifting on down memory lane sometimes can be ggod for the soul. Thinking of my first love always gets me to smiling. She know I use to make her toes curl. As she would put things. She needed more money than I was able to provide. She came from a well to do family. Mom's and Pops would never have had me as their son and law. Just an average guy, with a steady job trying to make it.

Before I go down more pathes I don't need to really share. I'm going to go for now. Take a jog around my neighborhood, at the same time as I jog. Buster can get some late night exercise. That's about all either one of us are going to get tonight. We'll be keeping each other company. I don't think Buster has a gal doggy friend. Me I have some numbers I could dial up and see what's happening with a few ladies I know. Maybe towards the weekend I might just call up a friend or two. See if any one wants to spend sometime with me. I'm in the market for seeking new and wonderful pleasures. No steady woman to keep me running to. I'm not looking for anything serious. If I were to meet a woman that fits my desires and I hers. Who knows what may occur down the line. Now it would just be nice to have a woman friend to hang out with from time to time. Someone that could give me the chills and make me want to Holla!

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