My First Time  

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11/20/2005 6:13 pm

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My First Time

Well, I had my first AdultFriendFinder Encounter recently. I must say, I was just a tad nervous. I wanted to make a good impression on her when we finally met, even though sex later on was a foregone conclusion. I mean, let's be real. Sex is so much more fun when you're into whoever you're sexing.

After some spirits and sustenance, we slapped on some music and got to work. Strangely enough, she wanted to skip foreplay.

"I Just Want Sex," she said.

I enjoy foreplay. I love licking, sucking, eating pussy. Hell, that's part of the standard package in my book. But, what the lady wants, the lady gets.

And, as such, the first round was less than stellar. Too vanilla, too standard, too...short. I dunno. So, we break, we chat, we ponder. We go to round two.

Much better. Anxiety set aside, nervousness is all worked out. Now it's about outdoing one another...flip this way, try this position, do that, force this, tug that.

Snack time. Cold pepsi and sandwiches. They say the bomb sex is supposed to knock you out for the night. Fugg that. The bomb sex you want to continue in rounds and spurts, with breaks in between if necessary. Instead of "oh, you wore me out" it's more like "Oh, you sapped all my energy. Good one. Now let me replenish and return the favor."

Of course that doesn't happen all the time. Not nearly enough times, in my book. But we lucked out on this one. Well, not really. We snacked, the sat up and chatted and drifted off to sleep.

Then I got to have her for breakfast.

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