When We First Met  

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7/11/2006 9:26 pm

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When We First Met

It was between day and night, some call it sunset. Some call it dusk. The breeze was laughing and flirting with the trees and the tall grass. It was tossing the rain gently till it fell to the ground becoming part of the earth.
I stood on my balcony and watched all that was happening in the space between the sky and the earth. But I was contemplating you.
I was remembering the night we meet.

Walking along a sandy beach in Southern California on a moonlite evening at midnight. With the moonbeams dancing upon the oceans waves. Teasing it, as if where a prelude to lovemaking. And there you were wandering along the water where it kissed the shore, playing "catch me if you can". You hair all tusseled as if you had just awakened from sleep. We passed each other by, in that moment you cleared your throat as if you were going to speak to me. But you didn't. You continued on and I watched as you dissappeared into the horizon. I was alone before I came across you but as you walked away I felt loneliness creep upon me. I lost you in the moment as if I had had had you for a thousand moments before. I walked on until I reached the patio of my hotel, and there you were sitting at a small table for two. A glass of champagne in front of you, another across from you. The glass looked a though it were anticipating the return of that someone that was with you. My heart shattered at that moment. As I walked past you, you grabbed my hand and said that you had anxiously awaited my return. I sat with you sipping champagne and talking of everything and of nothing. Before we knew it, the sun was sliding up into the sky, we added orange juice to our champagne. Soon there were others invading our world, exchanging glances, looking at our private party and wondering why we were still dressed in eveningwear.
We removed ourselves from the crowded patio and headed back to the ocean. We found a quaint little group of rocks with a built in cove. The sand was wet and the waves pounded into the rocks crashing all around us. We were drenched from head to toe. We threw off our clothes and placed them on the highest part of the rocks to dry. And we snuggled into each other down in our private little cove of wet sand. The waves licked at our entwined bodies. We became so much apart of the ocean in a moment that would last us a lifetime. I felt like Deborah Kerr (in From Here To Eternity) must have felt-swept away not by the waves but by you and the power of a new lover. Your body so golden and sparkling from the sunlight as it roamed across your skin. Your eyes so bright, so playful filled with hunger of wanting. My hands wanted to touch your body, your face until I remembered every line of you in my heart. Every part of you melded into every part of me. There was no beginning. There and no end. We had become one being lost in each others soul.
When the sun was ready for the moon to take its proper place once again we casually dressed, I watched as you walked down the beach playing "catch me if you can" with the waves. Then you were gone, dissapeared into the horizon, once again I was alone with just my thoughts. I remember that night.

As I stand here on my balcony I remember. Soon I feel your soft wet kisses running along my neck. I feel my robe falling to the floor. I feel your hands on my body, their urgency, their demand, their lust. I give into them because I feel that urgency, that demand and that lust. We fall to the floor on top of my robe and I close my eyes and I can feel those waves crashing into us once again.

Transblucency 45M

7/11/2006 11:27 pm

This is very pretty.

Plus, twilight is my favorite time and neck kisses are the best.

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