Blog Two: The Sequel  

ScarRider 30M
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5/5/2006 10:44 pm
Blog Two: The Sequel

So I'm beginning to wonder about some things. The first is what the hell I'm doing on this site. I mean, I love sex as much as anybody and I like to have alot of it but...I prefer to engage in those activities with members of the opposite gender and the only people interested in me seem to be men.

I'm flattered, really.

Still, I suppose by lying and saying I'm interested in a relationship I would come off as a better guy. Well, I'm a bad liar and I'm the best guy I know so, to Hell with that idea.

The second thing I'm wondering is why I'm writing this. I suppose its boredom and the need to be in the spotlight. I can't really allow mself to fade away into the background so I do things to let people know I'm here. Silly, but boredom has its benefits after all.

Now, the last thing I've been pondering as of late is what is wrong with reality. Time seems more and more meaningless and things don't seem quite as real as they used to. I wonder if this is a part of growing older, or is Stephen King the new Nostradamus? If you've ever read the Dark Tower series, I'm referring to the world "moving on". I think I'm starting to beleive more in the fiction I read and write than in the truth of this linear reality.

Scary, but quite true.

Well, I have sleep to attend to, and my cock seems to require my attention so I'll end this with a promise of better blogs to come and more abstract nonsense spewed straight from my head. Enjoy. I gotta get some pictures of my ugly ass up here. Remind me of that, everyone.

Scar Rider

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