Female Ejaculation, Part Two: A Tutorial  

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7/7/2006 2:03 pm

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Female Ejaculation, Part Two: A Tutorial

methisisyou, per your request, here's a tutorial on how to make a woman ejaculate.

This is going to be a long post. I'll break it up into several posts, for the convenience of you, my readers. I'm taking the technical approach to female ejaculation, so please bear with me.

I get some of my information from Female Ejaculation and the G-spot by Deborah Sundahl. Any quotes will be properly cited in my post. (This totally shows that I am a student, eh?)

Attitude is everything when it comes to female ejaculation. The first and most important thing is to ensure that she (whether it's you or your partner) is comfortable in her environment - mental and physical. Whether it's the bedroom, the kitchen floor - whereever, really - this is the #1 most important thing. If she's not comfortable, ejaculation will be very hard to achieve. She should also be comfortable with her own body, especially her pussy. The first couple of steps I'll describe not only increase technical knowledge, but also increases her familiarity with her pussy, and additionally helps her feel more comfortable with it.

Secondly, she must overcome the fear that she is really peeing instead of ejaculating. The best way to ensure that it's not pee is to taste her cum. Another way is for her to empty her bladder before trying to ejaculate.

The next step is to test the strength and flexibility of her PC muscles. These muscles play a very important part in female ejaculation. Having weak or tense PC muscles can reduce or prevent female ejaculation, among other issues that may arise. These are the muscles that a woman exercises using the Kegel method. If you're not sure what to do, just start and stop the flow of your pee the next time you use the restroom. You use your PC muscles to do that. To exercise then without peeing, just do the same thing that you did when you started and stopped the flow of your pee, but without peeing this time.

Testing the strength and flexibility of her PC muscles is quite simple. Here is an excerpt from the book:

"How to Measure the Strength and Flexibility of Your PC Muscles

You can test both the strength and flexibility of your PC muscles using your sense of touch, with finger joints and finger widths as measures. I recommend doing this test more than once. The results of your first test may be confusing, and your score may change as you become more acquainted with the tests and with the PC muscles. Therefore, use your score as a general guide, and not a strict rule (Female Ejaculation, page 71)."

Here are the guidelines for the actual test:

" PC Muscles Flexibility Test

First, test the flexibility of your PC muscles by inserting your finger up to the first joint (use lube if you'd like) inside the opening of your vagina. Squeeze your finger with your PC muscles and determine which of the following is the most appropriate description of your sensation:

1. The vaginal opening is very relaxed and open when I first insert my finger, and I cannot squeeze my finger. (Score 1)

2. The vaginal opening is very relaxed and open when I first insert my finger. I can squeee my finger, but it still does not appear to be snug. (Score 2)

3. The vaginal opening snugly encases my finger but does not feel tight. I can squuze my finger with my PC muscles.

4. The vaginal opening feels very tight, but allows entrance of my finger. I can push on my vagina, toward my anus, and feel the vaginal opening loosen. (Score 4)

5. The vaginal opening is too tight to insert my finger. (Score 5)

Flexibility Score:
1-2: Weak 3: Normal 4-5: Tense
(Female Ejaculation, pages 70-71)"

Okay... that's it for now. I'll post another blog later today.

SirMounts 103M

7/7/2006 8:14 pm

It never hurts, to share useful information.
Welcome to blogging, SavorSensations. *smiling*

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7/7/2006 8:38 pm

"Attitude is everything when it comes to female ejaculation"

"she must overcome the fear that she is really peeing instead of ejaculating"

Yes & Yes ...... both are key elements to success.......

after all, it isnt the guy that makes her squirt (sorry fellas about the ego thingy) ....... it's HER "letting" him make her squirt

if u would like a link from my site, check out my 2 SQuirter / ejaculater posts on page 1 & let me know. Id be glad to. You are also welcome to post a link on my squirter posts also.

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rm_mohar10 38M

7/8/2006 6:03 am

I have created an article on the subject of Female Ejaculation. You may find some of that helpful, good luck!

LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/68F
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7/8/2006 10:32 pm

thank you for your comment to me .....and for your kind words and interest

there is also a more technical post on the subject, a couple below the one you commented in on page one of the main blog ,,, you might find it interesting also .....

it really gets into the "whys" and might be helpfull

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