This I did not know  

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2/22/2006 12:54 pm

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This I did not know

I've just discovered, much to my disappointment, that as a Standard Member here I am only allowed so many replies to e-mails within a 24 hour period. Well, ...that sucks.

I've actually been pretty surprised (not to mention flattered) at the attention I've received. When I first joined this site I got zero attention. Then, after posting profile pictures I got some attention, ...but it really wasn't the attention I was looking for.

So, I kinda forgot about this site for a while and moved on to other things. Recently, I decided to come back, update my profile to be more direct in what I was looking for, and see what would happen.

Well, I guess the fact that I've now discovered I only have so many replies allowed, something I apparently never had to deal with previously says something about the attention I've received.

Thank you, it IS appreciated.

So I guess what I am trying to say is this;
If you DO decide to write me an e-mail, and you don't get a timely response from me, the following are most likely the reasons why;

I've used up the allotment for the 24hr time period.

I didn't care for what you've written to me.

----- OR -----

What you've written has given me something to think about, to ponder, and I've decided I want to spend some time gathering my thoughts before giving you my best response.

Ta Ta For Now

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