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7/18/2006 11:40 pm

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Well, will anyone read this? It will be interesting to find out.

Everyday I see so many beautiful women and sometimes I stop and tell them that they are beautiful. I was pulled up in a bank line the other day and I looked over and this woman looked right at me. Made me feel a little shy but I kept glancing back and just before I drove out, I stopped and rolled my window down and told her that she was beautiful. She said, "Thanks, I really needed that today." That is what everyone needs to be doing. Our society is so fucked up these days. People need to slow down and take in the moment that they are in. Stop wanting and yearning for tomorrow. Stop purchasing your way to nirvana cus you will never get there. People are what is important. So many people walking around yearning to be talked to like a human being.

So folks, whoever is reading this. Go out and tell someone they are beautiful, but you should think about it and mean it.

I have this really big problem with the way that everything is so black and white. "He loves women and that is all he can think about." You are either playing your role as a single or living this quakeresque married or attached role and their never seems to be any in between. All of these girls on this site with *Absolutely no married men* and they make it out like you are some sort of vermin for ever attempting to communicate with them. Hell, they are missing out on the most experienced population.

Allright, seeya on the morrow!

AndyUnique 70M

7/19/2006 1:15 am

The women here don't seem to want single guys either. I had one write back to tell me how interesting I was but that she only dated married men.

SavannahRouge replies on 7/19/2006 11:55 pm:
Yeah, I have seen that too. I think the majority of the people that are on these sites are either running their own porn/date/loserhoneypot site or (purely an analogy) they are like the girl who pulls up to the trucker out on I-95 and flashes him and whatnotm then motions to pull off at the next stop and then takes off again while the dude is getting out of his cab (woah, I really need to quit. hahahah)

The other thing is that if you are on this site and you are posting nude pics and you have marked up your profile with all of that pre-canned erotica and and then someone who meets your cupid settings or whatever it is and seems like a perfect match starts questioning you on how your wife or significant other feels about you doing this. It's like people want to cling to their old Judeo-Christian values except for the naughty bits that they have no control over or have rationalized out. I mean really. This is basically a porn site and it is mostly just smoke and mirrors. NOT TO MENTION that with all of the bank that this company is making, they might be able to pony up that extra Windows 98 machine to run their website on. Half the time it seems like this thing is running on a dial-up line that is attached to an e-machine with 256MB of RAM and the hard drive is failing. I think it is time to introduce today's word: Reinvestment!

Wow, I'm a really negative bastard when I haven't had any sleep. Or is it the speed. Heheh. Jk!


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