No words exchanged, none needed.  

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3/23/2006 6:37 pm

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No words exchanged, none needed.

He was driving home and something told him to go there. That tonight would be different. Arriving in the parking lot he immediately noticed that there were more cars than usual. Something is different allright.

Inside, she sat there watching and playing gently with her moist lips. The door slightly ajar, waiting for the "man of the night" to find her. She would know him when she saw him. Many opened the door, some were turned away based purely on body or face, others because they were not up to her standards, none of then had the spark that she was seeking.

He stood outside, knowing there was a single female in there. Watching each one step up to the open door and get shot down. He knew he was more than any other man in the place. He waited, just biding his time until it was right.

Finally, it was time. Be it the stars were finally aligned, enought time had passed or who knows what made it the perfect moment, but it was. He approached the door, opening it but not showing himself. He knew that in order to set the right tone she would have to be the one to seek him. She did. She leaned over from her position in the corner enough to see just part of him. That was all it took. He had arrived. He saw the look in his eyes that confirmed he was what she was seeking, what she needed.

He slowly entered, shut the door and locked it. Knowing inside himself that each man that had been shot down was still hanging around hoping that if the perfect man did not show up that maybe, just maybe, he would be good enough. He knew they could all leave now.

No words exchanged, none needed. She pulled his member free, knowing before seeing or touching that it would be just what she sought, just what she needed. It was. In one motion, he lifted her up and turned her to face the wall. She was his, they both knew it. He slowly entered her, wanting her to feel every inch of him. Once fully in he stayed there to let her realize what was about to happen. Then, as he felt her muscles relax around him, he started what they both knew she needed. He took her arms and pinned them to the wall above her with one hand, the other was used to pull her hips back to him, driving deep inside of her. He leaned in to smell her, to bite her neck and back - showing her in just one more way that she belonged to him, even if only for right now. She moaned her approval as he filled her time and again. He drove deep inside her, she knew he was about to climax. She pushed back into him, wanted to feel his hard cock twitch inside her as he emptied himself into her. After he was spent they stood there for just a few seconds. He pulled out, turned her around, kissing her as he put his cock away. He smiled, opened the door and left.

No words exchanged, none needed.

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3/26/2006 6:03 pm

That will make ya cum.

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