Weekend Jerk ; Monday Sweetie  

SaucyNSassy 40F
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3/20/2006 9:51 pm

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3/25/2006 7:33 pm

Weekend Jerk ; Monday Sweetie

I swear, he is making me crazy. He loves me, he loves me not. He ignores me, gives me the silent treatment, makes me cry, rips my insides out and digs in my heart w/ a spoon and then Monday comes around and he is sweet again.
I worked from 10am to 8:30pm today. Long day for me. You all know I'm not a morning person w/ my freakin migraines and such. Anyway, I come home and he says he has something for me.
Stargazers.. a beautiful bouquet of stargazers. Those are my FAVORITE flowers. I swear, this man has split personalities. Since I married him and maybe even before... Thurs. or Friday comes around and he's a jerk for the entire wknd. Cranky, hateful and mean. No matter how hard I try to get along w/ him, he's just a silent asshole that slams doors and huffs and puffs around the house. He makes being around him unbearable. He has no reason for this behavior. It's ridiculous and immature! Then Monday comes and every week like clockwork he is sweet and caring. It doesn't make any sense and I have dealt w/ this emotional abuse for years. I mean, you would think he would be happy on the wknds and cranky on Monday. He must just be happy to go to work and get away from me. That is my only explanation. I have asked him but he just apologizes for being a jerk on the wknd and says he will change.. HA! I have heard that a million times and wknd after wknd he is a jerk.

There were other men who jerked me around this weekend... I will talk about them later.


jadedbabe78 107F

3/21/2006 6:53 am

Awwwww, sweetie. Hugs to you. I'm not quite sure what to say. Catch me on IM or call me...we'll talk. You can vent to me.

I *do* understand how it can be.


bardicman 51M

3/21/2006 7:11 am

I just have never understood how men can consistantly be inconsiderate jerks. I know we all have our bad days but I hate to be classified as a man.

I am just a lesbian.

I am not dead yet

SpaceRangerNJ 56M
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3/21/2006 8:55 am

OK, I'll give. Your marriage is worse.
What a rotten thing to have to deal with. And all the "I'm sorry's" in the world don't mean a thing without the behaviour changing.
Has he ever thought about counseling?
I went through a time where I was probably not the nicest person to live with. But I recognised it, worked on it, and it's ancient history. That's what you want out of someone I think. My wife even helped me. She could see in my eyes when I was getting in a state. She would know before me. She would point it out and that would most times be enough to ward it off. It was a great help.
You should make sure you have plenty to do over the weekends so you can just not be there most of the time.
I hope he takes responsibility soon and really does something about it.
Big hug. Here if ya need me as well.

Package1971 47M
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3/21/2006 2:18 pm

Wow. Poor girl... That really is a very weird pattern w/ him. I don't know if he's happy to get away from you. I mean on Monday he gives you flowers as soon as you get home and he enjoys(?) spending the evenings with you. But yeah, if a man is acting like that, there is definitely something going on in his head. He might not even know what it is or how to put it in words or where to start. If all he says is "I'm gonna change", just say, "Ok. HOW are you going to change?" You kids need to talk. Counselling is not a bad idea at all. Jeez, it should almost be mandatory in any marraige under 5 yrs...

Good luck sweetie.

MyRealLoverOne 47M

3/21/2006 4:39 pm

Sounds like you need a Real Lover for the weekend!!!


SaucyNSassy 40F

3/24/2006 10:47 am

Jadey, I feel like I never even have time to get online anymore and when I do,I am rushing. Soon, you and I will catch up! thanks girlie!

Bardic, at this rate being a lesbian almost sounds good...lol. (If only women had dicks)

S.R., unfortunately this wouldnt be a competition I would WANT to win. He won't do counseling.

Todd, thanks for you input. Like I told S.R., he won't go to counseling. He says it is a waste of time and money. I do believe that you are right about him just not knowing what is wrong. He has even said something along those lines before.

Macker, don't tease me! I am waiting... take me to IRELAND!!!

Vick, I should tape our arguments.. there isn't any sex to tape. If you feel like making some with me, let me know. I'd hate for you to get bored w/ the old ones. lol

Lover, I need a real lover for a lot longer than that.


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